Hello,I hate to be that guy but I kind of feel that whiskey needs a buff not only because his damage is barely noticeable,hard to hit people with,and the fire rate is slow (well for a shotgun I can see where this is coming from) But because you can barely defend yourself when fighting atleast fine along with the others in a way but it's sometimes better not to always rely on your teammates for help all the time considering the fact that they won't always be there to help you.
-getting kills with him is a hassle
-his running ability can make it difficult to escape oncoming enemies due to it not being fast enough to get away from them in time to save yourself from getting hurt
his slow down ability can be completed negated by just using your movement ability which gets frustrating at times
-You could say just to master your abilities But I think having to min max a character just to make them effective is a hassle and time consuming
- damage buff
I know this maybe just be me being a bit too nit picky but I'd like to do more than just get my team around the area.Anything would be appreciated.