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hit detection and proximity detection

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  • hit detection and proximity detection

    While playing as the Mutants I noticed that with the JUMP ,sometimes it would show that you could jump to an area or a certain distance but an in-world or background object would be in the way preventing such jump or the distance would be shorter than it looks which in turn resulted in getting hit or killed from time wasted or short jump into fire..
    Also as a Humans I noticed that you just had to be close to an enemy to hit them , as in you really didn't have to be pointing directly at the enemy just real close proximity.
    Sometimes both character class's Mutants and Humans would get hung up on in-world or background objects around corners and behind stuff kinda messing with the flow of the game ..Anything that takes any amount of time and does not consistently work takes away from the flow of the gameplay such as running , jumping ,taking bases or areas and sometimes the drag mechanic for the Mutants didn't take effect fast enough resulting in death or failed transformation..
    At one time there was a fallen Human and I dropped Strain right on top of the player to no Effect..At other times instant transformation..