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Kill Strain Play Test Experience (San Diego and San Fran)

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  • Kill Strain Play Test Experience (San Diego and San Fran)

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to have a thread where you all can express your own personal experience from your time with the game in the play test. Get in with some quality critiques and compliments, let them know what you liked and didn't like and most importantly why you liked or disliked them as best you can. Try to keep active on the forums and help it grow as the beta comes up check back in with updates on your impressions as you get more time with the game, and encourage your friends to sign up for the beta if they haven't already done so. I personally feel that this game is poised for some serious success, and the more all of us collectively support it the better it will be out the gate, and one thing is clear for those who got a chance to see people getting their first time with the title at PSX...This game damn fun to play and once people experience it they want more.

    So jump in and let me know what you think and what you are hoping comes to be with the game. I'll do my best to keep the team informed of great feedback positive and/or negative to ensure that Kill Strain ends up as great as it can be.

    (Also try your best to mention at what point in time you had played the game)

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    I got to play it PSX and it was the only game I was hyped to get back in line for both days. I have not had that much fun in a team based PvP game in a long time. I really liked how it was team based but, also did a great job rewarding you as an individual player. Need to get over to Socal for an updated play test just have not had the chance, my loss for sure. Hope it takes off and I've been telling everyone I know to get in on it. The dev's I meet at PSX were awesome too.


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      Thanks for the kind words, and the PSX event was definitely a great coming out party for the game. Keep on the forums and help shape the way things go, feel free to encourage others to join in as well. And I couldn't agree more, to a degree I was tired of the way PvP games were heading, and this game is a breath of fresh air for sure, extremely unique, dynamic, and fun for sure.