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Humans or Mutants who has the best defense?

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  • Humans or Mutants who has the best defense?

    When playing at the PSX I did seem to see each team pretty much even, thou if the humans stick together, they would be a strong force and unstoppable against them mutants if anything as the best defense.. if mutants get their way and turn humans in a good fashion,, well the ball will on their side! damm them mutants!!

    who do you think has the best defense? Humans or Mutants?
    KillStrain Alpha Tester #4

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    I think the mutant base needs something like a turret like the human bases. Yea the strain damages you but you can just stand outside of it and destroy it. If there where a couple strain things that spit at people outside I think it would help maybe after the strain levels up? But for sure human bases have best defense


    • sadic66
      sadic66 commented
      Editing a comment
      Mutant base have defenses as well just not in same way humans do. Instead of a turret the mutant base attacks from under the ground with a big strain spike. Do you remember seeing it? maybe we need to adjust the rate or the visuals.
      If you do remember seeing it, whats your feedback on it?

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    Yeah I didn't notice much of a Strain defense or Mutant Base defense myself other than jumping from inside as an invisible Mutant on the Humans standing there attacking the spores or Strain pods with them not taking any damage from their proximity to the Strain.. But if your a mutant and do a run through or a smash and dash your more than likely to lose half your life or die to the turrets..