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Key Additions 3.40 Patch

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  • Key Additions 3.40 Patch

    Hey everyone, today we rolled out the 3.40 Patch for Kill Strain which added/altered a couple features users will definitely notice when jumping online next. And on the horizon is Party Mode, keeps those fingers crossed, the team is getting very close to getting this feature into the live environment! Now here are this patch's Key Additions to look over.

    Key Additions:

    • Pre-Round Flyover Camera: Before each match teams will be corralled into their base area while a map overview plays, users may skip this and move around freely within the corralled area of their base.
    UI Updates:
    • Updated Front End Menus: Panels on the front end menu have been rearranged and altered to create a better flow for users.
    Please let us know your thoughts after you have a chance to check out the updates, and as always let us know your thoughts on what you want to see next and/or in the future.

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    Love the pre-round flyover camera. Was slightly confused on what to do at first jumping into the game even after the tutorial, that helps capture the objective a bit. The menu looks smoother, and play seems to stick out more. Any thoughts on possible future referral bonuses?


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      Earlier in another post you guys said you were reworking the "Better you than me trophy" to work for your individual team rather than the whole merc populationot in a future patch. Any word on how soon that will be or did you guys decide to keep it as is?

      P.S. I absolutely love this game. You guys are awesome


      • marfidude
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        I hope they do change it to the last person on your team. I spent $60 - $75 Australian on gold, the corporate pack and starter pack for those skins and I'm wanting to get the platinum. However the better you then me trophy shouldn't be the last merc in the game but on your team. It would make more sense the name and could encourage more mercenary behaviour to team mates. Instead of helping your team just do your own thing and put yourself first. I'm not sure if that would happen but whatever the case that trophy needs a fix. Way too many times where I've been the last guy alive with some other guy and he doesn't get turned cause the turn timing is way too slow charging or I have the case where the guy stands in the base messaging me to leave so he can get the trophy.

        I hope the devs do work somethin out with this and don't pass on it. If I can make my own suggestion can we get new trophies with each new character? It would be interesting to have character related trophies, goals for that character relating to upgrade trophies and even trophies that fit the character? (Eg: Jyn having a trophy called "no more changing baby" where Jyn kills a mutant that was a former merc. The possibilitys are there just hope the devs do talk about this and maybe even consider it.

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      If you really only have room for one, I'd rather lose the Quick Start, than have to go into my Customize menu to pick my Merc/Mutant combo every time I want to switch that up.


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        Ya, I like most of the changes other than having to go in and customize my "favorite" merc and mutant before a game. It is a pain to change to them all and get your bonus silver for first use as them each day when you have to do this... I've cut down to only using my favorite 3 or 4 as it is rather annoying in my opinion. I liked selecting them as you chose to start a game better. Just my opinion.