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Kill Strain 3.50 Patch Key Additions

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  • Kill Strain 3.50 Patch Key Additions

    Hey all, today we rolled out the Kill Strain 3.50 Patch which added a few key features to KS that you should notice next time you play KS. For a quick look at what we added with this patch check out the content below:

    Key Additions
    • New character Charlie with 5 available skins (stayed tuned for more info)
    • In game play with friends’ party system
      • In game create a party of up to 4 players and play together on the same team
      • Cannot have more than 2 of the same character in one party
    • Training is now optional and can be accessed in the training center
    • Overhaul of the VGS system
      • Voice Guidance System (accessed via the directional buttons)
    • New users now start with 3 characters (Diesel, Sylvin and Gridlock)
    • Death Recap is implemented. This will show users how they died and how kills and assists where achieved.
    • New end of round screen
    • Ability to reroll missions for new ones
      • This can be done once a day
    • 3-4 new skins for all characters

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    Hey Peer, good to see some SD activity on the forums again. And another new character already! I remember Charlie as an easter egg from one of the animated comics a while ago. Can't wait to try her out and see all the new skins for everyone.


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      I agree. It is good to see the game still being updated. As SygBoss said though, it's surprising (and a bit worrying) that we're getting a new character so soon and all these new skins all at once. Don't get me wrong. I'm excited for this patch as it has a lot of things we've been waiting for. I was even going to suggest letting us reroll a mission once a day a few weeks back but that was the day I found out about the lay offs and I figured there was no point anymore.

      I'm excited for this patch but I can't shake the feeling that you're just chucking out everything that was being worked on all at once. Can we expect any future patches or is this the final one? Because that's the feeling I'm getting here.

      There hasn't been any word about the future of Kill Strain since news of the layoffs. Any clarification about the current state of Kill Strain development and any potential future it has would be greatly appreciated.


      • slejfer
        slejfer commented
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        I second that.

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      UGH! All the beautiful, beautiful skins!!!! I love this update. I love the revamped VGS with better and more useful call-out commands! Instead of "Need Assistance" you actually get to say where, and finally a "Group Up" command. I love how The Strain starts with Alpha pods closer to the Drop Zone so mutant players don't have to spend the first couple of minutes setting up pods around the Drop Zone. There's even a new animation for respawning! I think re-rolling missions limited to once per day is a step in the right direction. Love all the UI improvements. I'm so psyched. Bravo!


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        Awesome skins.


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          I am worried about the future of this game...mainly because I supported Dawngate and Infinite Crisis and the devs also wouldn't comment after layoffs and other things. Released a bunch of things at once, or leaked them. Then like a week later announced a shutdown. I really want to see this game keep going, it has so much potential and it's very different. Glad to see a party system though! Maybe the devs are hard at work at getting more out to drag more people in.


          • Rolingachu
            Rolingachu commented
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            Hey! i hear you there, i loved playing as Voluc on Dawngate and i was enjoying Infinite Crisis like, too much!... I'm nostalgic now, memories of Atomic Wonder Woman crossing the field with her Chainsaw stick... men, i'm a huge DC fan, and i loved that game so much.

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          So many reskins, kind of glad for them. Cheaper than most skins and gives people options!

          Love witchcraft Siphon and Re-animated deadlyft though.