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Kill Strain server maintenance complete!

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  • Kill Strain server maintenance complete!

    We've completed our server maintenance and the KS servers are back up and running strong.

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    You need to restart your servers cause there are alot of bugs at the moment...
    There's delay in characters and delay when you turn people and one merc yesterday just showed up out of nowhere... Some Mutants have freezed in their pose so when you see them move they are freezed, one mutant layed down until he was killed, he could move but his character was flat on the ground moving around...
    There's problem with Strain here and there. One strain was planted near a Turret in a game yesterday and the Strain couldn't be killed by the Turret so the Turret kept fireing at the strain to no avail...
    One Mutant was invincible yesterday was unaffected byt the Turrets so he rushed directly for the base but couldn't do anything to the base since you have to remove the Turrets in one lane before attacking the base. I saw this while respawning so it wasn't me being the Mutant.