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Tuning Patch Notes: 7/13/16

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  • Tuning Patch Notes: 7/13/16

    Sorry for the delay in getting this info out, yesterday was a bit more hectic than we anticipated, but things seem to be running smoothly now! There was an tuning patch rolled out Wednesday that adjust a few things in game, below are the details of what changed.


    Daily Rewards
    • Adjusted to 250XP per character, per day from 500XP

    Character Pricing
    • Bottom Tier Characters were adjusted to 4,000 Credits from 2,400 Credits
    • Gold prices for the Characters remains the same
    Character Contracts
    • Adjusted to 1 match from 3 matches

    Character Balancing
    • Corrected Katrina's Wounding Shot Mastery which was doing unintended excess damage to structures

    Be sure to follow @KillStrainGame ( on Twitter for the most current updates and info for the title.

    And as always thank you for your support and interest in Kill Strain.

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    • Bottom Tier Characters were adjusted to 4,000 Credits from 2,400 Credits
    This makes this game a lot "Pay to win". It's way too long to make money to buy worthwhile stuff, and there are some "invincible" character due to unbalancing. And I don't mean they should get nerfed.

    This game isn't getting any buzz anywhere. It feels a bit like it's missing something.

    I know I have few hours left for that "30$ get every character" thing, but I'm afraid to shell out cash for a game that will ask me $ every day just to be able to have a chance to win.


    • Web360
      Web360 commented
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      You're one of the guys that don't play well if you think it's pay to win. Care to tell us what is "unbalanced" about the game.

    • ztstyle
      ztstyle commented
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      The team has made it a top priority to keep the game from being "Pay To Win" even eliminating things like the ability to buy a specific Augment with Gold. I personally don't think the price of a character through in-game earned Credits justifies a claim of "Pay To Win". There are many members of this community who can and do when with any character out there, meaning that the majority of causation for winning is your ability or skill with a character.

      I would urge you to try out contracts and find the character that best fits your style and then worked towards purchasing them...or if you want to figure out your ideal character sooner ask your fellow players, they are overwhelmingly positive and helpful by most all accounts.

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    What are you talking about?
    Even the starting character are strong in their own way, Diesel are a powerhouse. I successfully gathered enough coin to buy Rook (6.000) only using Diesel, and I were at the top of the leaderboard in the majority of the rounds.