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Cross Region Matchmaking Test

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  • Cross Region Matchmaking Test

    With this week's update ( the ability to switch on/off Cross Region Matchmaking was added in. This is something that has been tested internally but not in the public environment, the team will be turning this on starting Thursday morning (7/28/16) at 7am Pacific. So be warned their could be some irregularities in gameplay tomorrow morning as a result of this, the team intends to run this for a limited stretch of time to gauge the impact it has on gameplay for users.

    When the switch occurs tomorrow morning, here is what could occur to users who have Kill Strain active.
    • In Game, and in match: Should see no change
    • In Queue: Disconnected and booted from queue
    • In Game, not in match: Should see no change
    Please let us know on this thread if you experience any issues during this switch Thursday morning or during the time we run the cross region matchmaking. And as always keep an eye on @KillStrainGame for updates and ongoing info:

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    bad idea

    your netcode is already very bad and lag can drive game totally crazy, cross region will be ever worst


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      Have you been playing the past day and have you experienced anything out of the ordinary due to this change?


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        i ve been playing a lot past day and I must reconize i don't think it was worst than before, some laggy opponents who disapear/teleport/don't take damages/deal me a crazy amount of damages instantly but i meet that kind of problems every day since the public release, it was a lot more stable before

        and I d like to apologise if my words seemed rough, I realise you are working hard and you probably don't have a great budget for the game, and you are doing a great job, I like your game and you got all my support, I just wanted to point out that the net code really need more work cause it can be a nightmare on some games, keep up on good work, thanks
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          So this is where all toxicity comes from! I'm playing in EU and after this update I get lots of disrespectful messages, that's unfortunate. However I like this idea, just don't want to get these private messages.


          • ztstyle
            ztstyle commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks for the heads up on that Foksu, I assume/hope the ability to report users is the same for EU users and you can do it easily through your console. Feel free to also send me a message on here or on the PSN (SD-Zach) if you have users who are going over the line in any way and we can help to resolve the issue for you.