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PSA: Player Suspensions and/or Bans

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  • PSA: Player Suspensions and/or Bans

    If a player is found cheating, exploiting, harassing other players, or breaking the rules in game or here on the Kill Strain forums, we will suspend the account for a limited time or even permanently ban the ID and console.

    This isn't new for San Diego Studio and we've always been on the lookout for these types of players, but it's important to remind the community of the potential consequences that may await player, should they choose to go against these warnings.

    What can get you suspended or banned?
    • Harassment
    • Trolling
    • Insulting
    • Spamming
    • Cheating
    • Abusing exploits
    • Offensive or inappropriate PSNid
    By participating in any of the points listed above, you are not only ruining the enjoyment of other players but also compromising a fair and balanced game play environment that we here at San Diego Studio are committed to maintain. This is unacceptable, and suspensions or bans are non-negotiable. Play fair and there won't be a problem.

    Do you suspect someone of cheating or foul play?

    Feel free to email with the details. Videos and screenshots are very helpful, so if it is possible, please include them. Please know that you will not likely get a response. This doesn't mean you're being ignored, but rather we are not obligated to speak openly about user account suspension/ bans. Also remember not everyone who disconnects, freezes, or "lags" is cheating. Connection "strength" depends on a lot of variables, and sometimes those variables don't all align.

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    The player 'clonevtr2012' have some kind of cheat. I have finish about 5 minutes a match where he never dies and his life bar was totally empty. I use the mec and however que never die. Please check this. I speak spanish but i can write a little in inglish. Sorry for the grammar


    • Web360
      Web360 commented
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      Fair warning to you that there are bugs in the game that, like what you are describing, make a player unkillable. As far as I can tell it happens to mutant players more often than mercs, and very rarely at that.