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New Merc: JYN

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  • New Merc: JYN

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    Available now in the Kill Strain Marketplace is the newest Mercenary, Jyn. For users who have purchased the Corporation Pack Jyn will be added to your in game inventory, now you have two choices take a minute to read about Jyn below, or jump into action and try him out.

    Saved from a tragic run-in with the Strain, Jyn is now more machine than man.

    As a genetics student, Jyn was at the top of his class- so it’s no surprise that he qualified for an internship with the famous Dr. Miasma. While investigating the Strain outbreak, Jyn and Miasma were caught in a mutant attack. Jyn valiantly saved his mentor’s life, nearly at the cost of his own.

    Miasma worked tirelessly to keep Jyn from turning. For weeks the student lay in a coma, hooked up to various machines that kept his life hanging by a narrow thread. The infection had reached far into his DNA, corrupting everything in its path. There was no choice but to amputate most of his lower body.

    Working through his military connections, Miasma secretly agreed to use Jyn as an experiment in battle-ready cybernetics. Soon enough, Jyn was given a new body that allowed him to not only walk again, but made him capable of amazing feats. Enhanced speed, strength, and armaments turned this former bookworm into a weapons-grade cyborg.

    Jyn, however, rebelled. He rejected the government’s attempts to turn him into an assassin, and turned on his former mentor. He used his new powers to escape Miasma’s custody, and went completely off the grid. There, he swore to live out his childhood dream of becoming a super hero- rid the world of the Strain, and protect the innocents that had been victimized by it.
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    You guys rock!

    Played as him this morning... such a fun character! Can't wait to see what else you have for us in the future!

    Edit: BTW - thank you for including a bio for Jyn! I think it adds so much to the character even if it's only a couple paragraphs!
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      By the way when you do "Executing Shots" there is a glitch where sometimes you can't aim after, and you have to wait to use "Executing Shots" again just to aim and shoot and it voids the 2nd "Executing Shots". Just giving you a heads up! EXECING SHOTS


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        thank you. i was beginning to think i wasted money on the corporation pack. i hope by the end of this games life cycle it will have a lot of mercs just like in a certain moba featuring gods and goddesses.


        • ztstyle
          ztstyle commented
          Editing a comment
          The goal is to have a new character each month, stay tuned to see what is next! And thank you very much for the support.