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Tuning Patch 8/12/16

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  • Tuning Patch 8/12/16

    Today the team is rolling out a tuning update that deals with the rewards users receive from matches and some account leveling progression. The feedback that was gathered pointed out that users felt there wasn't enough of a reward for a match, and users preferred higher payouts for each match rather than the account leveling rewards, which most were unaware of. With this feedback in mind the team made the following changes:

    Match Rewards
    • Credits increased for all users in a match
    Account Leveling Rewards
    • Removed the bonus rewards for leveling up
    Account Leveling
    • Adjusted the XP needed to level up
    Daily Rewards
    • Changed from XP to Credits
    To summarize, the community wanted more rewards per match, and that is what you will now get. Users weren't aware of the bonus account leveling rewards, so that was removed and the overall change and balance will garner a good amount more Credits to users now.

    Make sure to follow @KillStrainGame ( to stay up on the latest info.

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    All this delicious silver! I love it. But, wait, there were levelling rewards?


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      Originally posted by SygBoss View Post
      All this delicious silver! I love it. But, wait, there were levelling rewards?
      Yep! That was the issue we were giving everyone a bit of currency with each and every level but due to the lack of messaging you guys were completely unaware and in some cases upset at how slow the credits were flowing. So, we fixed it Hopefully you guys find the new flow much much better!


      • SygBoss
        SygBoss commented
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        Now that you mention it, I did sometimes get extra silver out of nowhere. I guess that's what it was.

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      I see that the daily reward for characters was changed to a silver reward too. Cool. I was tripping out when I got only 400 xp but 650 silver after my first match today. I saved the video and was going to post it here because I thought it was a glitch! haha


      • ztstyle
        ztstyle commented
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        I adjusted the thread to include the Daily Rewards now as well.