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Key Additions 3.30 Patch

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  • Key Additions 3.30 Patch

    Hey everyone! The team has been working their tails off since launch to get some key features in the game that the community has asked for. Today’s update will address some of these requests and others are being worked on diligently so once they are ready they will come out.

    First a quick recap on a few of the updates that rolled out since our last full patch, the team recently adjusted the matchmaker to prioritize a user’s Friends List to work towards getting them into games together when they are in queue at a similar time. This is the first implementation of a more dedicated Play w/Friends effort that will be coming online fairly soon. And the other recent update was the adjustment to game rewards. The team heard/saw the feedback from newer players who felt there wasn’t a large enough reward for matches as well as the feedback from our maxed out players who were getting extra XP for Daily Rewards. Both these concerns were dealt with in a rather timely way and now the feedback seems very positive around game rewards, and certainly improved on Play w/Friends.
    Now for a few of the items that are in the works from the team that you can expect to see “soon”
    • Party Mode- Updated Play w/Friends
    • Monthly New Character
    • Additional Skins and Bundles
    • Exclusive Event/Promo Items
    These items were all in the works previously, but based off the feedback the team was receiving we have adjusted to ensure the items that are most in demand are prioritized as well as we can. With all of that said let’s get into the details of what came into Kill Strain today after this quick piece of housekeeping...The Corporation Pack is in it's last days...and will be coming down from the PSN Store very soon, there will be some various bundles coming in the near future but nothing that gives the value of all present and future characters. Make sure you pick up the bundle before it goes "into the vault". Now onto the Key Additions!

    Key Additions

    • Level 50 Missions: Vastly more challenging and rewarding Missions for maxed account players
    • Continuous Tutorial: Improved the flow of the tutorial for users
    • Strain Update: Strain Beast and Strain style has been altered
    • Bundles Incoming: Be on the lookout for bundles with various items at a great value coming very soon through the PSN Store
    • Augments: Now one tile w/option of either currency
    Bug Fixes

    There were many gameplay and network bug fixes in this update, below are some of the key fixes users will likely notice in game! With some coming from community reported Bug Reports, so please keep those coming it is extremely helpful for the team to identify issues going on in the live environment with the community support.
    • First Contracts: Altered how Missions record
    • Jyn's Ultimate Stuck: Fixed the issue where users can lose right stick use
    • Sliding MED Deploy: Users should no longer slide if in motion while deploying
    • ARCC Juggle: Improved transition of ARCC Juggling (Some can now juggle 7!)
    UI Updates

    There is an even more robust update in the works for the menu flow and UI that will come online later on, but today saw a good number of chages too.
    • Updated Missions Art
    • Updated Mastery Art
    • Updated Menu Sound
    • Updated Queue Screen
    As mentioned at the beginning the team is working hard to deliver what the community wants in the game, so please keep your feedback coming and continue to grow this community with the inclusive nature and positive attitude you all have so far. We are blown away by the willingness to support one another, keep it up!

    Make sure to follow @KillStrainGame ( to stay up on the latest info.
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    Sounds awesome, can't wait to check it out.


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      And for those expecting to get the First Contacts Trophy by booting up the game or by doing a mission, I'm guessing it also resetted how many missions I had done since Trophies were added, so 9 more days to see if I will finally get it :P


      • ztstyle
        ztstyle commented
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        From the testing we had some mixed results, so it may depend on the missions previously completed. But let us know when you ping yours from today for those impacted by this previously.

      • SpikeUesugi
        SpikeUesugi commented
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        Took me 3 more missions for it to ping similar to that other guy from the thread in general

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      I really like the moving tentacles on the map ..

      Also .. Did I see a Vincent with a playstation logo shield ? X []O V

      Does that really exist ?


      • ztstyle
        ztstyle commented
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        Vanguard Vincent was an exclusive item during our Closed Beta session. No plans to have him available again, however there very likely will be other exclusive items in the future...

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      Originally posted by DVSnis
      The Map looks Sooo cool with those tentacles moving ...great work guys!

      Did I see a vincent with playstation logo shield ? X[]0V
      Yes you did. It was a limited time skin during the end days of Early Access, so I was lucky enough to get it :P


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        Every thing looks awesome! You guys really worked hard on the update, and it shows! Can't wait to see this game continue to grow!

        Edit: I know you said there will be continued UI improvements... but I really hope in the augments section you can find a way to remove the in-use augments... it's still very confusing on which one yous are currently using for other characters and which ones are still available.
        Last edited by Lintyfresh85; 08-18-2016, 03:13 PM.


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          Hi all.

          I can't play with my friends... for example I'm lvl 9 and my friend is lvl 4 but we can't play in the same match... How can I play with him??
          Last edited by DanteSparda88; 08-19-2016, 06:48 AM.


          • DanteSparda88
            DanteSparda88 commented
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            We try to do this procedure but unfortunately we can't reach the same game..

          • ztstyle
            ztstyle commented
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            Only thing I can think of might be the Level 1-5 block, if you still have the issue once your friends are beyond Level 5 let me know.

          • DanteSparda88
            DanteSparda88 commented
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            Thank you I try to do this procedure and I found my friend. So 2 or more player could play in the same match only with a minimum level of 5


        • #8
          looking good! what id like to see or have the option to change is the brightness of my right thumb stick. for example being about the turn up the contrast of my aiming bar so i can see it on the ground alot easier. i have trouble seeing my bar when im aiming sometimes.. probably my eyes. but id like an option to turn up or down the brightness of it. or just have them really bright for us blind ones lol


          • DVSnis
            DVSnis commented
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            I agree.. the aiming indicator could use something to make it stand out more. When using close quarter attacks the marker can often get lost in all the ruckus. I find it get's lost easier when your team has the dropzone and you're trying to aim at anyone taking the drop zone, until they neutralize, as the ground is the same color as your marker( it does kinda handicap you slightly when trying to defend).

            The one thing i've learned is to use the full range of your attack ( which is hard with CCQ heros) at all times, dont push to hard or put yourself too close to an enemy and you may have a chance to escape.