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EVENT: Community Challenge Jyn

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  • EVENT: Community Challenge Jyn

    UPDATE 3: As of the end of the day Wednesday 8/24/16 Tier 2 was within reach! Total uses of Jyn are at 13,517, very close to that next Gold reward.

    UPDATE 2: As of the end of the day Tuesday 8/23/16 Tier 2 is quickly approaching and total uses of Jyn are at 11,288, keep going people time is running out.

    UPDATE 1: As of the end of the day Sunday 8/21/16 Tier 1 has been surpassed with 5,823 uses of Jyn. Keep it going!!! Get that Gold people.

    ORIGINAL: Starting today at 10am Pacific until next Friday (8/26/16) at 10am Pacific we will be running our first Community Challenge Event.

    In celebration of the recent release of Jyn and to challenge the collective greatness of the Kill Strain community we are launching a week long challenge. During this week long event all Uses of Jyn played among the community collectively will count towards overall goals.

    What counts as a Use of Jyn you might ask? Great question! Being that we have a random matchmaker and users are not guaranteed to start as a Merc will count as any time a user selects Jyn as their Merc when they queue up and then enter a match. So even if you selected Jyn and started Mutant that will go towards the collective goal.

    Now here is the breakdown of how many Uses of Jyn it will take to reward the community as a whole.
    • 4,400 Uses will unlock all Kill Strain players 100 Gold
    • 14,300 Uses will unlock all Kill Strain players 200 Gold
    • 22,000 Uses will unlock all Kill Strain players 300 Gold
    And if the idea of a bunch of Gold alone wasn't great enough! Any user who fully upgrades a Jyn Mastery during the course of the event will get reimbursed the full cost of that Mastery, from purchase to level 5 (7,050 Credits). Note that this is only for the first Mastery upgraded and will not stack with multiple upgrades Masteries.

    The rewards for this event will be paid out to all players after the conclusion of the event during the day of Friday, August 26th, and the rewards are not limited strictly to the users who played as Jyn during the promo but will go to all users. But why not pick Jyn up and help out! Also when the rewards are sent out users who are in the game will need to reboot the game to for their in game inventory to update.

    We will update towards the middle of next week with the Uses of Jyn counts so you all know what you have to push for to get that Gold.

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    Shame there wasn't a bit of a heads up so we could save enough silver to buy him in time for the event. I always spend mine as I get it. In future i'll have to keep a little bit saved just incase.

    edit: managed to get him pretty quick thanks to the new silver bonuses, now just working on that free mastery!
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    • ztstyle
      ztstyle commented
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      Definitely with the updated match rewards it won't take long.

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    Awesome! Can't wait to see how much the community plays him!


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      Just to be sure, do you get the coin refund at the end as well?


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        Is there any way of getting a running tally of where we are at with this event? Would like to know how were doing.


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          Originally posted by DeathTrap23 View Post
          Is there any way of getting a running tally of where we are at with this event? Would like to know how were doing.
          No running tally but you can follow them on twitter @killstraingame for periodic updates.


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            Jyn Community Challenge update: 5823 uses through Sunday, tier 1 reward unlocked! Keep pushing, keep playing Jyn! Tell your friends to join.