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LikeAnOctopus - Leaving game if Mutant

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  • LikeAnOctopus - Leaving game if Mutant

    I guess the only reason I'm singling this guy out is because of how high he is in the event. If he's starting mutant he closes out the game and starts a new one making it harder for the other starting mutant to score well. I have yet to even see a SDSevent player quit even when they go 0 - 17.

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    But... so many easy Spread Strain points..... Is this guy insane....?


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      If they are mutants they cant juggle arcs the whole game like ive seen many players doing for the community challenge .


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        I have dropped out a couple times after being a mutant like 4 times in a row. Whatever the formula is for calculating if you are a human/mutant needs to be adjusted imo. There is a definite advantage in being a merc during this contest.


        • Web360
          Web360 commented
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          If you're the mutant you get to destroy the cans that are being juggled for points, so there is no advantage for being a merc in this contest.

        • Midasxe
          Midasxe commented
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          My highest scoring games were the ones where I started as a mutant. The trick is to hang out in that middle strain in between the two miners. If mercs are trying to juggle arccs just run out and break them all. Not only does it give you a ton of points, it's also hilarious when they just stand there in disbelief. I use Gridlock, by the way. Best mutant in my opinion.

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        What also sucks as I just saw. Someone playing at Pax got starting mutant and his ally quit at the loading screen. So he got to experience both Merc Teams team up on his base. The dev in game I think felt bad and let himself get turned. But was a little too late. Mutant base had like no health left. Alot of people are just focusing on their scores while forgetting that we're also trying to show off the game to a wider audience this weekend. And I won't lie, I don't take it easy against any of the SDSevent players ether :P But I never leave the game on them