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  • Your dream Skins

    Since Zeo made a custom skin idea in suggestions, I'm making one here were you get post who your dream skins for Characters are without worrying about copywrite laws and jazz. Fire away, the sky is the limit. I will go first with my dream skin team.
    Sylvin - Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop
    Jyn - Megaman from Megaman
    Katrina - Queit from Metal Gear Solid 5
    Diesel - Terran Firebat from Starcraft
    Whiskey - Desert Punk from Desert Punk
    Hiro - Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z
    Gridlock - Batman from Batman (Yeah the spread strain part would be silly But Batman has been a Vampire before :P)
    Deadlift - Cairne Bloodhoof from Warcraft
    Reaper - Albert Wesker from Resident Evil
    Vincent - Big Daddy from Bioshock (Though his current skin was similiar, but was having trouble with this one)
    Rook - RX-78-2 Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam (A Zaku 2 works too :P)
    Elena - Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop
    Siphon - Barasuishou from Rozen Maiden
    Hacksaw - Geno from One Punch
    That's my list, so who would be on your dream skin team?

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    Just Playstation brand ones. I had a dream about a Playstation moba a while back, like Playstation All-Stars but ya know...actually with content . This isn't really a moba, but is part of Sony, so just think it could be interesting to see the skins like I said in the other thread.

    Reaper-Clicker (or chimera?)
    Whiskey-Helghast (or Alias from Gravity Rush?)
    Hiro-Bloodborne skin?
    Elena could have a "The Order" skin
    Siphon could be Lucy (infamous)
    Days Gone is coming up, possibly a sequel to Last of Us. Resident evil 7 (which i doubt would be possible). Dead Nation. Different but similar vibes.

    If my idea of mech skins/strain skins gets added i'd love a sweet tooth skin like Spike said. Would be awesome.

    Random Skins Mutants:
    Beach Speedo Gridlock
    Easter Bunny Gridlock (and he hops and hops and hops!)
    Basketball Deadlift
    Birthday Party Reaper (with a little hat!)
    Halloween Skeleton Costume Reaper

    Random Skins Mercs:
    Holiday Santa Rook
    Knight Rook (Dragon-Slaying Rook!)
    Propeller Hat Hiro (instead of his backpack)
    Pool Party Hiro (maybe with a tube around him)
    Superhero Hacksaw (like ya know...superhero sort of armored look)
    Quarterback Hacksaw
    Soccer Elena
    A tron-like Costume for Elena (i don't know why)
    Holiday Elf Elena
    Volleyball or Tennis Siphon (especially if effects change >.>)
    Pool Party Siphon
    Dinner Date Jyn
    Halloween Ghost Costume Whiskey (just a bed sheet)
    Pirate whiskey
    Halloween Mutant Costume Vincent (He just wants to be one of them!)
    Pirate Captain Vincent
    Safari Vincent
    Pajama Katrina
    Heartbreaker Katrina
    Resistance Fighter Katrina
    Clown Diesel
    Officer Sylvin

    The new champ coming with the pet, would like a lion tamer one.

    If ya'll like these i'll post my other ideas tomorrow. Close tonight at work and open tomorrow morning!


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      Originally posted by zeothedeathgod View Post
      Basketball Deadlift
      Space Jam Monstar skins for all the mutants!


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        Or maybe even a basketball mode using the arcc throw mechanic to throw the ball to eachother and score goals lol. All the mechanics are already in the game! It's perfect!


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          Originally posted by SygBoss View Post
          Or maybe even a basketball mode using the arcc throw mechanic to throw the ball to eachother and score goals lol. All the mechanics are already in the game! It's perfect!
          I'm waiting for the capture the flag game mode . mutants have to kill, the others have to score. Capture the vial or something.

          Or King of the Hill. or something...

          I'm waiting for the puzzle bejeweled game app where if you hit pass level 800 you get an ultra exclusive gun skin for your character
          Last edited by zeothedeathgod; 09-11-2016, 03:57 PM.


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            Capture the flag mode would be a great way to pass the time as would king of the hill. I would personally like to see some Final Fantasy character skins for the mercs... definitely be awesome to see Cloud Strife in a game for Hiro or Hacksaw. BEST SKIN EVER!