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Is anyone having issues with their Augments?

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  • Is anyone having issues with their Augments?

    Once the PSN servers came back up, I launched Kill Strain and quickly noticed something was wrong. My Whiskey and Deadlift didn't have their skins equipped. I went into the customise menu and noticed that no character that I had an alternate skin on had it equipped any longer and that no character had any Augments equipped. The game however, still thinks the Augments are equipped so I can't remove them or re-equip them. The phantom Augments can't be removed and definitely aren't working. My Deadlift had "Now you see me" equipped and when I spread strain during the flyover and moved to the exposed ground I instantly became visible.

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    I had this issue earlier as well. I just closed the game and started it up again.Everything went back to normal afterward for me.


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      i am having the same problem


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        The issue has resolved itself for me personally.


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          I noticed this issue late last night, hoped it would clear itself before I played today.


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            Had a few people reach out with this issue last night, are you still having issues today?


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              It fixed itself for me personally last night. I had no issues with augments today but I did have one weird match where the UI was completely absent. No timer, map, cool down counters, names, or health were shown for that one game. Afterwards I couldn't go into the customize menu. That issue fixed itself immediately when I restarted the game.

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            My augment issue was gone when I logged in to play yesterday.


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              Excellent, sorry for that inconvenience for those who experienced it, and again if others are having the issue still please let me know.