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    Hi guys! Just curious how long it takes you to connect to a match in between rounds. I've found it's anywhere between one to five minutes. I know my launch PS4 sounds like a jet engine and may be dying so I'm curious if it's just me, my connection, or if it's the standard. Thanks! Strain is power.

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    If you're talking about finding a match then I wouldn't worry too much. There aren't that many active players so it will take a while to find people to play with.


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      Yes, to clarify what is the exact timing you are referring to? If it is strictly the time in the "Connecting" phase it will vary depending on those in your match, but should not take too long. But if it's the entire length from when you queue to starting a match that will vary greatly depending on various conditions.

      However as long as you are in queue and connecting I don't believe it would be anything related to the condition of your own console.


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        The time from when I click to search for a match and then get placed in to one is the timing I'm referring to. Just worried about my launch console overall. If it's about a low player community base we've gotta find a way to show more people how much fun we have with this game!


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          I would not worry, sometimes it takes a while to find players to join or add to your game as there are fewer active players than there once were. It generally takes me about a minute to get into a game, but if its certain times of the day when most people are not around it can take up to 5 minutes I'd say.