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Played twice tonight, and no coins and rewards?

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  • Played twice tonight, and no coins and rewards?

    And my lifetime score is 943820 already, but Doomsday Achievement hasn't unlocked. Why?

    I've seen you guys said that We will change Better You Than Me's requirement to "Last Person by myself side". where's the patch? one month past at least.

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    There are a lot of unresolved bugs that already have been reported with no answer from the devs team. To be honest with you I am starting to lose hope on this game.


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      would be nice to hear a "we are aware and working on issues."


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        The bugs were being worked on by the devs but seeing as how the San Diego team for fired according to and that none of the team or the forum admin has posted here (which is unusual due to them usually always replying) the game is now devless


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          In one game yesterday I got no coins and zero rewards, however I got last position... Could it be that?


          • justin320david
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            Most likely a bug. I think you only get nothing if you AFK the whole match.

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          Originally posted by slejfer View Post
          In one game yesterday I got no coins and zero rewards, however I got last position... Could it be that?

          If it was your first game for the merc for the day, you should've gotten coin for that.


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            No replies on here, but 2 days ago they were talking on twitter about the servers being down and are now back working again so I am not sure what is going on with the game or the team.


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              As far as the issue with no rewards, I believe you still get them even though it doesn't show it. Restarting the game seems to fix it. I had this issue last night my first game on and I took note of how many credits I had. I restarted the game and I had 650 more credits than before.

              So don't worry about not getting your rewards, seems to only be a visual glitch.


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                Ok weird I had it last night again a few games in... Didn't get last position either... hmm....


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                  Its happened to me also first time with my merc got rewards in game got 0 exp 0 coin was active 6th very frustrating restarted game and it started working right agian but still showed no progress on either coin or exp it can't keep doing that when your matched with level 50 players and your below 26 its pretty lopsided


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                    The problem with the exp and coins is generally fixed if you exit the game completely and then restart it and you should get the coins owed you even if it did not say you get anything or that you got 0.

                    As for the matching of players of varying levels, with the state of the game and the fact that there are far fewer people playing then there were before, it is either get matched with lower level players or don't play at all. Hate to say it, but that's how it goes.

                    And, there are still devs around. They are very few and from what I've noticed lately they are rarely seen online (probably stay in hiding so people do not bug them about things they already know about). I will be sending one of them a message tonight when I get home as I saw him online briefly yesterday, and hopefully he will be able to get back to me about these issues and I will be able to let you know if so.