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Masteries Tires

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  • Masteries Tires

    I think I saw somewhere that it's possible to buy tires for Masteries, is that true?
    If so then how can I do that?
    If no then how can I upgrade tires for particular mastery?

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    If you meant "How do I purchase or upgrade Masteries for a character?" then this is how you do it.

    First you go to the Customize menu. Then you highlight the character you want a mastery for and press X. You then need to highlight one of the slots under Masteries and press X again. To purchase a new mastery you need 300 silver and you move left and right until you reach the mastery you want. You then press X and that will bring up a confirmation menu where you need to hit X again. Congrats, you now have a mastery. To upgrade an existing mastery you do much of the same. Once you are back in the Mastery selection menu, you highlight the mastery you want to upgrade and hit Square. It will bring up a confirmation menu where you will need to hit X to confirm the upgrade.
    The costs of the upgrades are as follows. T1 = 300. T2 = 450. T3 = 900. T4 = 1800. T5 = 3600.


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      What they said ^