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Reason this game will die

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  • Reason this game will die

    The reason this game is going to die is not the community. I know a lot of us that try to play it, and would be willing to make some purchases. But with the game breaking bugs, who wants to invest any money into it, since there is no support? This game will not go any further due to lack of support. I think the first thing that should be checked is the constant loss of connection to the servers. That should be priority number one. No one wants to play a game that you have to shut down and restart between each match to keep playing. It gets really old. I for one wanted to make a few purchases for some characters and skins. But I am not going to give my money to a game that has absolutely zero support. There is no responses from devs, or customer support on anything that is asked at any time. It is just plainly ignored.
    I do not want to see this game go under, it has potential, and can be a really cool game. But as it stands now, it has no chance. All I ask, is that the devs, even if there are only a few, get on the game breaking bugs for us, and maybe even say a word or 2 from time to time. As of right now, we are ghosted by the devs. And we as players have done nothing wrong to deserve such treatment, All we have asked was fix the bugs, and maybe a new map to keep us interested. Was this just some social experiment, or what? Come one devs, talk to us a little! We spend money on these things, we would like a little follow up once in a while, is that too much to ask? I am in no way putting this game down, as I enjoy it, but really, let's get real... It needs to be worked on a little. As an old game dev, I understand the pressure. But we still took the time to work on the pressing matters, and respond to our community....

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    The Devs aren't ignoring the players purposely, the massive layoff of the san diego studios basically killed the game. The previous update was most likely the last one seeing how much stuff they added it seems like they were releasing all the material they had worked on so far.The only thing they can do is keep the servers open. The real ones at blame here is Sony for laying off the devs of a game with great potential.
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      So i am not the only one who need restart game between matches... i sent multiply email to support,no fix yet.