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good concept for a game but far too much wrong

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  • good concept for a game but far too much wrong

    too many connection issues and half the time when i do finally get in a game all the icons for the abilities dont show up nor the map, not to mention some people ruining the game and i'll explain how....

    you see these people sat idle are usually playing with there fiends and will go all out to win when on the same team but if not will sit and let there friends win....

    several games now with all the same people and when it goes right for these people you have a game like this.......your team (the ones not idle anyway) the oposing team all friends and then the mutants all working with the enemy team so basicly its your team wich consists of 4 or less v's there team which consist of 4 + 2 mutants......but then again this game is bugged up disconnecting glitched up and whatever else so yeah why not just ruin it more.