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FIX YOUR GAME! (minerva rebalance)

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  • FIX YOUR GAME! (minerva rebalance)

    Let me first state that i've been playing Kill Strain since very early on and i love this game. Despite the problems with the game, especially the lag, i have been able to put up with it because it's still a fun experience. That being said, what you guys did with Minerva is unacceptable. It really makes me beg to wonder how much playtesting was done at all before she was released because her abilities are incredibly overpowered and she has no weaknesses at all.

    The root of the problems with Minerva stems from the fact that she has a serious identity problem. From her base stats, she's supposed to be a high damage dealer, that has less health, and is pretty mobile and yet she's also able to "take hits for her team" which is what a juggernaut is supposed to do, except her abilities make her out to be an offensive powerhouse. I'm completely fine with her being a massive damage dealer, i'm even okay with the most powerful ability in the game energy pulsar (although its cooldown is far too quick) that can be combo'ed with meteor crash extremely easily. The main issue here is that she's supposed to be vulnerable to taking damage and yet be able to take hits which is a complete contradiction in of itself. The Power Vortex mastery aids this problem much further, allowing her to regain any health that she loses making her nearly completely immune to damage in the process (unless of course shes grouped on with no help).

    It's not difficult, and actually it's quite obvious to see that this has become a huge problem as games are now flooded with Minervas. The game has become much less diverse which is incredibly sad because all the characters are interesting and fun to use but some people are only using her because there are no other viable competitive options.

    I did hear about what happened to most of the team and that's really unfortunate. And I know that this problem would've been fixed sooner if you had the resources to do so because you guys were making major updates and improvements to the game before that happened. Im not exactly sure what kind of support is being provided currently, but i do know that this has been an issue for over 2 months now and I think it would be amazing if you did this for the sake of the hardcore fans and for the sake of the game itself to rebalance it. Even if there is no new content down the line I really hope you will consider leaving Kill Strain back in a balanced state.

    changes that need to be made: Minerva needs to be less tanky - nerf her health AND massively nerf Power Vortex or eliminate it.

    changes that should be made: Minerva powerful abilities need tweaking - nerf Energy Pulsar to 25 second cooldown and nerf actual duration by half a second.

    the goal of the changes: Minerva will still have the most OP ability in the game and deal massive damage even at range but must be aware of low health as a tradeoff, all characters will be more viable competitive options (ex: support soldiers and spectres can have more influence on a game)

    other off topic changes (not as important): give much more points for playing objective (destroying alpha pods, arcc station, turrets, damaging base) because leaderboards are dominated by playing team deathmatch instead of objective.

    If anyone is out there thank you for reading
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    Well written.
    I made a note to the devs about problems with the game under the section "news and updates" some 3 weeks ago so I doubt they listen though.
    So, it gets kind of boring to even write in the forum nowadays...

    I think main problem is that there are some 3 Minervas every game, if they would change the mercs combo to only one of each merc it would be solved by itself. Minerva has some weaknesses and especially after using her meteor crash, however when there are 3 of them u can't do anything because they lock you down pretty tight; most obvious is it when you are Mutant and meet 3 Minvervas in one team...


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      I think that's an okay idea that could help a little, except that much of the community only uses Minerva so it's going to be hard to find a game if you can only have one of each merc per team. And it still doesn't fix the fact that she is still broken. Minerva has made all other classes useless because she is a powerhouse, a front lines juggernaut, and a support soldier all in one. There's really no point in having different classes anymore because she fills all those roles. For example, if you take the Spectre class like say Jyn, his one job is to deal massive damage quickly because he has very low health but he can't do that, even when you use his most powerful abilities it doesn't affect Minerva's health at all whatsoever. You can say the same with the other classes because they can't play their role effectively. Nerfing her directly is the only way the game can be balanced. It's just sad because I think we won't ever see another update for this game. I wish whoever is left on the team the very best.

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    She doesnt even suffer stamina problems, prolly the only merc I dont have to put augment on her stamina regen. I wonder what was thinkin the guy who designed her. but yeah, as slejfer said, they wont listen. On top of that, whoever is left implements some pretty stupid changes to the game like increasing the augments boxes to 2k silver coins, making it way more hard for new players to catch up with 50s