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First Impressions/FEEDBACK of Kill Strain

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  • First Impressions/FEEDBACK of Kill Strain

    First off I have to say this game is a lot of fun and you guys really have something here. You never really know how any one match is going to start off is it going to end up being a human v mutant battle or a human vs human type game. There are some issues with balance and other bugs I have seen in game.

    1. The biggest bug I have seen is players being completely immune to damage. This not only ruins the game for people playing against them but deprives the whole lobby of a true game experience when this happens.

    2. All bases should have backdoor protection. Meaning you cannot damage the main part of an enemy base with out destroying all turrets and for the mutants clearing a path to the source of the strain.

    3. If you are going to leave it to be possible to dive an enemy teams turrets then they should take amplified damage for doing so. For example perhaps upscale the damage turret #2 does compared to turret #1. And further upscale the damage the main base does compared to turret #2 to make the human teams and or mutants use teamwork to get decent dps on base. Almost consistently now I constantly see enemy teams completely ignoring turrets with MEC's and going straight for the base. They shouldn't even be able to make it past two turrets on their own let alone be able to sustain Health long enough once reaching the base.

    4. I think Rook's DPS for the Damage reduction and damage blocking he gets is a little bit to high atm and he should have very low range for his weapon as well.

    5. Far to often do I see a lobby/match get started and one mutant will automatically leave the mutant team. so then its a 5v1v5. What fun is that for the mutants. If this happens there needs to be a punishment for players quitting out of a match for starters. Secondly either the game should pause until matchmaking can fill that spot or the game should disband and go back to looking for more players.

    6. Let people pick the desired role they would like to play. First game I ever played I got to play mutant and it was pretty fun. After that it was an eternity it seemed like until I was able to play mutants again. So give the players the option to be able to select whether they prefer the mutant or human role. Or perhaps when a lobby is put together let people select the role there they want to play until all slots are filled.

    7. Team Chat. Although I am sure this is complicated to engineer especially if someone is turned and becomes a mutant. But not being able to talk to your teammates is kind of a killer sometimes when people are not on the same page as far as what objective to push or overall strategy as a team as a whole.

    8. I know this is just a test for now but also I see now way currently to team up in a group an queue.

    Other than that great job on a very intense and exciting game to play. I am sure you guys will get everything figured out and up to speed before launch. Great job Development team and thank you for the opportunity to test this amazing game or you.

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    I'm just going to piggy back off your post instead of creating one almost identical to this.

    1. Players immune to damage is a pretty bad bug right now. Twice a player that was completely immune to my damage got into our base and wreaked havok. Even used my mec on them both times. Did absolutely zero damage.

    2&3. Couldn't agree more on this one. If this can't be changed, then maybe there should be some sort of base shield while the turrets are up. Each turret still remaining respresents a percentage of a shield. You can choose to take out the turrets or do straight damage to the shield.

    6. Completely agree with this as well. I think a human or mutant option would be great.

    7. If possible would be a great addition.

    8. Would really like to see this implemented. I've told a few friends about the game. Biggest downfall would be them joining the private access and not being able to team up.