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  • Customer Service Support Info

    ​San Diego Studio now has a Customer Service link that you can use to contact the studio's Customer Support Team with any issues that you may have as a customer of Kill Strain related purchases. As an example when purchasing the Character Bundle during Limited Access or Gold/Hard Currency Packs should you experience any issues afterwards or during the purchase, feel free to utilize the Customer Service Support email listed below. The team will work towards getting your issues resolved in a timely manner.

    Customer Support Contact Info:

    Please keep in mind this is intended for use strictly related to items/issues related to in game purchasing, for feedback please use the standard forums or!/band/56990499. And for any Bugs, please fill out a Bug Report from the mainpage of the website or through this link:

    We thank you as always for your continued interest and support of Kill Strain.

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    why does it ask for my password...? fishy


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      Hello, this "Minerva" creates a terrible imbalance, two shots and kills any character, and this spear? It's just cheating.fix please


      • DeathTrap23
        DeathTrap23 commented
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        What character exactly does she kill in 2 hits? I play as her at least half of my games and never kill anybody that fast. It usually takes the ultimate attack plus half a dozen or more hits from her regular attack.

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      Im sure he was exaggerating but Minerva is Totally unbalanced, so much so that I refuse to play any other character, Her Ultimate move is the most powerful in the game, combined with her self healing and tank like health, she is just way too OP, she needs her health cut in HALF as she can go toe to toe with one or more opponents and still win, simply pull and drop meteor...nearly unstoppable combo. I am also seeing an increase in Sylvins performance, so much so that i saw an ally go 32 and 1....while there may be some skill involved in that, it's clear that sylvins is suffering from an imbalance. While im at it Rook is severely unbalanced in a negative way, there is almost no reason to play him at all, his armor or health needs to be increased, or his damage to make him a bit more threatening, he used to be my favorite but he is completely outmatched by everyone else now.