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The Rookie Guide To Kill Strain

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  • The Rookie Guide To Kill Strain

    Rookie Guide!

    Starting off:

    First timers will be equipped with trial versions of the 3 main starting mercs, once finished with your trial matches you will have the option to pick out of those 3 which you like the most.


    Diesel is primarily focused on dealing damage to enemies. They have a reasonable amount of health to keep you in battle for some time. Movement speed is somewhat on the slow side so be sure to remember your dash because other mercs will catch up to you.

    Primary Attack:

    Flamethrower: This is Diesels primary attack, it has moderate reach and moderate damage. It also does damage over time to any enemies that comes within contact of his flamethrower.


    Flame Dash: His dash can be used for dashing in and starting a fight or quickly escaping out of it. It also lays down a path of flames in the direction Diesel dashes to, any enemies that walk through this path will catch fire and be dealt damage over time.

    Incendiary Blast: A blast of flames that deals damage to anyone within range around him. You can apply this to one single target or getting in the crowd of multiple enemies and damaging all within range.

    Molten Barrage: Diesel throws 2 grenades to the marked locations causing an explosion of flames to damage enemies caught in the blast. This can be used to engage the enemy before you dash in or can be used engaging a enemy that is trying to flee.


    Sylvin, hit & run seems to be the main idea behind him. Don't start a fair fight, ya don't have the health to. Get out quick if you need too, Slyvin has the fastest movement speed in the game.

    Primary Attack:

    Dual Automatic Pistols: Slyvins primary attack, starting off with a good rate of fire at medium range. It deals moderate damage to your enemies


    Front Flip: Dropping a mine as you flip dealing damage to any enemies in the area. Primarily used to flip out of the action, but using this at the wrong time will put you in a bad spot.

    Urban Camo: Sylvin goes into stealth and gains a minor run speed buff. The first attack will do extra damage but will also break your stealth. This can be used to ambush your enemies or run away, not both.

    Elusive Backlash: Warps to 2 nearby enemies doing damage and stunning them for a small amount of time. Giving you a opening for a kill or saving your own skin to run away.

    [Information provided by Web360]

    Vincent comes to the battlefield being able to soak up a good amount of damage but not all of it. He has a very good amount of health but is weak in the movement department being one of the slowest mercs in the game.

    Primary Attack:

    Pulse laser: Vincents primary attack comes in with decent range and decent damage. Not the strongest but enough pack a okay punch to your enemies


    Blink: Allowing Vincent to teleport a short distance in the direction you choose. Use this ability to Blink towards your enemies as they flee or Blinking away from your enemies creating a gap to be able to escape. Picking the right time to blink could be a crucial moment for your life or your enemies

    Armored Shell: Applying a shield around Vincent, letting him take more damage. Using this ability to early or to late could be a deciding factor in your fight. You can pop this shield to absorb some damage they hit you with while you lower there health or pop this shield as your fleeing giving you more damage to take while you make it back to safety.

    Blast Radius: Knocking down enemies to the ground for a short time and applying some damage. Once knocked on the ground they are basically stunned until they get up off the ground. Using this to disrupt enemies from using abilities against you or stunning them to the ground while you apply damage. This can also be used as an escape to get away.



    So you think you can take on the enemy team by yourself? Think again!

    Working with your team on fighting or objectives is essential in giving you control over the map.

    Going in alone against 2 or more will result in your death and your team being down a player while you respawn. Remember that your team needs you as much as you need them, your abilities are not only for yourself but also to help secure kills for your teammate or helping them stay alive.

    When on the battlefield keep your eyes open to whats happening, where your teammates are and where the enemies are. Keep a eye on the mini map to see what objectives are being contested or where the fight is happening.

    I cannot stress how important teamwork is. If you stick with your team and you all work together, I promise you'll be on top of the leaderboards and dominating the competition if done correctly.


    Every merc or mutant has stamina, this is what allows you to use your abilities. This will be shown below your characters health.

    Holding down the button for each ability will show in the stamina bar how much that ability will cost.
    Once your stamina runs out, so do your abilities!

    Your stamina will slowly regenerate, regeneration happens faster in heal stations or strain for mutants.

    Remember, just because you are out of stamina does not mean you are out of the fight! You will be at a disadvantage to an enemy with stamina but you still have your basic primary attack and your team!

    As mentioned in the teamwork section, watch your surroundings and learn when you can stick around and when you should retreat to regain stamina and health.

    Heal Stations:


    You have two heal stations. One inside your base and one next to your miner.
    Find where they are and remember where they are, you will need them!

    Heal stations regenerate health and your stamina.

    As the match progresses, your outside heal station will become contested by mercs or mutants, remember that your base heal station is not as far as you think it is!

    As the match progresses, your outside heal station can be overrun and you can be killed within it. Your base heal station, you cannot.


    As a mutant, you do not have a heal station. Rather you have the strain which regenerates once you are placed in it. If you are taking damage over time or being attacked by enemy mercs, you will not regenerate health in strain until said damage has ended. Flee to a safe distance out of enemy reach and regenerate. Being in the strain also grants you to stealth and faster movement speed.

    You can enter the strain by going towards the already placed strains on the map or place your own strain around the map.


    This will be the first objective you capture and one of the most important!

    Standing under the miner will capture it, once the circle fills up and the miner turns on you have captured the miner. The miner will capture faster the more people it has on it, it will capture slower the less people you have.

    Once the miner is activated it will start producing ARCC canisters and it will start to slowly fill up your MEC bar.

    ARCC canisters can be thrown at the strain to quickly get rid of it! Bigger strain pods will take more than one canister. Use the triangle button to throw your canister.

    ARCC canisters can be taken to the drop zone once you've captured it, dropping off ARCC canisters into the drop zone will give you a much faster way to your MEC suit.

    Your miner and your enemies miner can be shut down! DO NOT I repeat DO NOT try and shut down or chase an enemy under the miner unless you have a MEC suit. Miners are outfitted with a turret and once in range you will be targeted and killed unless protected by your MEC.

    Once a enemies miner is shut down, they lose production of ARCC canisters to get MEC suits and that pesky turret goes away.

    The miner can be re-captured just as before once shut down!

    You cannot capture a enemy miner!

    Drop zone:

    This is the next objective you will try to capture. Once captured you will be able to bring ARCC canisters to this location and drop them off by pressing the X button or by throwing your canister in the drop zone.

    As stated before, the drop zone is your fast lane to a MEC suit.

    The enemy team will be fighting you all through the match to take control of this objective.

    Just like the miner, the more people on this objective the faster it captures.

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    MEC suits:

    These bad boys are what everybody is chasing after. These will get you out of difficult situations, siege the enemy base or just pick up a few kills if you want.
    Once you've dropped off enough ARCC canisters you will be able to call in your MEC suit. Pressing Square will call your MEC

    Primary Attack:

    MECs have a primary basic attack which will be your main output for damage.


    Rocket Volley: Launches a row of rockets in the direction you choose. Can be used to damage enemies, strain pods, miners or base turrets.

    Force Charge: Dash forward to the direction you choose. Can be used to dash into enemies causing them to get knocked down and do damage with your basic attack or rockets or dash away for an escape.

    Defensive Contingency: Allows you to bring up a shield and deflects all damage coming towards you. Good for use when surrounded. Once in this shield you cannot move.

    Once you have a MEC suit, it is your job to decide what objective to destroy or shut down.

    Rushing a base turret without a MEC suit will cause in death. MEC up and destroy that thing!

    You can only destroy the enemy base once a lane of turrets has been destroyed!

    Shut down the enemy miner with your MEC suit!

    But... watch out! You won't be in that MEC forever. The orange bar will slowly go down around your name and once that bar is gone... so is your MEC. Also! If your merc has low health and you jump into a MEC suit, once your out of the MEC suit you will still be low health! So don't stay around too long.




    This will be the first Mutant you get to try. Gridlock is well rounded in all areas. They deal out moderate damage, has moderate health and movement speed. A great starter pick for your turning needs.

    Primary Attack:

    Slash attack: Gridlocks primary attack and main damage output. Alternating between each hand slashing the enemy. Dealing good damage at the cost of being up close and personal to land your attacks.


    Leap: Leaping forward onto your desired location dealing damage and a short stun to any enemies within range. This ability can be used to surprise your enemies from leaping out of the strain onto them stunning them in place giving you an opening to deal damage or leaping towards them shortening the distance between you. This ability can also be used as an escape to leap away from your targets or into strain fleeing to safety.

    Stun Slash: Gridlock slams there fist to the ground dealing damage and stunning the target in place. This ability can also be used in ways the leap ability can be used. Stunning the targets into place giving you more time to deal damage and stopping them from fleeing or using this as an escape method stunning them in place and retreating to safety.

    Rip And Tear: Using a melee attack that causes more damage to the enemies it hits for a short time. This ability can be used as your initial fight starter. Applying more damage to your basic attacks and stun.




    The strain is essential for all mutants and mutant fighting. As stated before, mutants in the strain regenerate health if not taking damage and also granted stealth and faster movement speed.

    Spread Strain: Mutants can drop a strain pod in the designated area creating a patch of strain for themselves and mutant teammates. These strain pods are much weaker and can be destroyed fairly quickly by enemy mercs or ARCC canisters. Spreading strain around the map gives you the ability to gain your strain buffs in more places than just your base.

    Drag Corpse: This is your ability to turn mercs into mutants. This ability can only be used once you've gathered enough points to fill your Drag Corpse meter. This meter is orange and located around your name and health bar. Once able to drag, a Square button will be above dead mercs to drag into strain. Dragging is a timed action and eventually make you let go of the merc corpse. It also makes you vulnerable to damage from the surrounding enemies. Once in the strain the X button will now appear over the dead merc and you can turn them in your teammate mutant.


    For the mercs, the strain is as much of a enemy as the enemy mercs are.

    Being in the strain as a merc will cause you to become slower and slowly take damage, it also makes you a high target for turning. As stated in previous
    sections, you can destroy strain by throwing your ARCC canisters at the strain pods which is the most effective way to damage strain. Bigger strain pods take more damage. Using a MEC suit is also an effective way to destroy strain pods.

    Take notice of the mutants that surround you as you venture close to the strain, if you see a full orange bar around there name this means they are able to turn and as said you become a high target.
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      Progression & Rewards:

      Leveling up in-game:

      Once in-game you start at Level 1 and can reach the highest Level which is 20. As the game progresses and you start capturing objectives,destroying base defenses and getting kills your level increases and automatically upgrades your abilities.

      Once your abilities start upgrading you become stronger. So for example, if your level 10 and going up against a level 5 your going to have a clear advantage in this battle.

      But also remember that just because you've gained a edge on the competition through levels, it does not mean you are un-killable.

      Leveling up Account:

      Once your game is ended you'll see things you have earned.

      Before I go into anything, I want to mention the only way you'll be able to earn these things is by completing your game, so be sure to enjoy yourself and finish your matches!

      At the end of the game dependent on how you placed on the leaderboards, you will earn credits,XP & medals. These all go into progressing your primary account in Kill Strain.

      XP: These points are what help you level up your Account on Kill Strain. The Levels go from 1 to 50 and you wil be rewarded these points after every match depending on how you perform.

      Credits: These points will be used for you to buy different mercs,mutants,masteries or augment packs. These will be awarded after every match depending on how you perform and will be awarded each time after you level up your account.

      Medals: You will earn these medals just as all the others by completeing matches and rewarded at the end of each game. These medals are dependent on what you do inside of the game. Ex: Destroying a number of turrets, Killing your opponents, Destroying strain pods Etc. Each medal will also reward you with XP & Credits! Each medal has 3 tiers. Bronze,Silver and Gold. Getting the lowest required for said medal will reward you with a Bronze, getting the highest required will reward you with a Gold. Getting Gold medals are the best idea because they award you with the most XP & Credits out of the 3 tiers.

      Below is a link that showcases every Medal in the game and what you need to do to get them.

      Masteries & Augments:


      Masteries are purchased with credits for your character giving them increased bonuses to your abilities. You can find these on each character by going to your character and hitting the Triangle button to access your loadout section and proceeding to select the mastery slot by pressing X. Each mastery slot is aquired through leveling up and each mastery has 5 tiers which are upgradable through credits.

      This is the amount each mastery tier costs:

      Tier 1: 300
      Tier 2: 450
      Tier 3: 900
      Tier 4: 1800
      Tier 5: 3600


      Augments are purchased for your character to give temporary bonuses in-game. You can buy these by going into the marketplace on your main menu and accessing the "Common Augment Pack" for 500 credits. Once purchased you will be given 5 augments with a chance of getting a uncommon or better tier augment. The higher tier augment you have, the higher temporary bonus it will give you.

      If you want to equip these augments onto your character, use the same method as before with masteries and access your load out section for your desired character. Choosing the augment section will open up your augment inventory and display all the augments you have acquired. Some augments are only equippable for mutants.

      Below I will share with you the desired levels to unlock each mastery slot and augment slot

      Mastery & Augment Unlock Levels:

      Lv 2 Mastery
      Lv 3 Augment
      Lv 16 Mastery
      Lv 19 Augment
      Lv 28 Mastery
      Lv 33 Augment
      Lv 50 Augment

      Below are links to every mastery and augments available.
      (For masteries, go to the merc or mutant page and click on your desired character to access there masteries.)

      [Idea provided by KS-Jaynen - Mastery & Augment Unlock Levels provided by KS-Sadic66 - Mastery Tier Cost provided by SD-Zach]
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        Waddup Painful, just wanted to send a virtual high five and say thanks for putting this together. It's really awesome to see someone take the time to try and help out the newbies. It's really appreciated man, keep up the good work!


        • Krayvorn684
          Krayvorn684 commented
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          xD This is much better than the in game training that you guys gave. You should try and ask if you can use it and put it on your website instead of the forums.

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        Very nice Painful. This guide is excellent. Now that Carto has read it maybe his game will improve . Thanks again for all your support on the game.


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          Incredible! This should help new players a lot!


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            I didn't even see that I got replies on here, my bad! Thanks alot for compliments and I hope it reaches players enough to give them a head start! Let me know if you think I could add in anything that might be important that I missed. Much appreciated on all the hard work you guys put in as well, I say it alot but its never enough for how this game is progressing. I'm hoping in the future to put out a video tutorial on Elena. Props to Eban for doing those videos and giving me the idea.


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              What level does the last mastery unlock at? I am currently 23.


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                Last mastery slot will unlock at Lvl 28

                Lv 2 Mastery
                Lv 3 Augment
                Lv 16 Mastery
                Lv 19 Augment
                Lv 28 Mastery
                Lv 33 Augment
                Lv 50 Augment


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                  This is very helpful, Painful. Also, good job avoiding me as a mutant!


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                    Don't bother with this game,
                    > match time 20 mins
                    > fun times maybe 10mins
                    > waiting for a game, time is limitless...
                    Another words, to play 1 game, could take more than 2 hours waiting time.
                    I am in Australia, and I play 18 hours a day.
                    My prediction is, give it another month or so, no one will be playing this one.

                    It says queue time 2 mins at top of screen, I believe it's meant to read minimum 2 hours


                    • Krayvorn684
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                      Play it now, There are over 1000 people online and the queue times should not read 2 seconds.

                    • ztstyle
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                      While the feedback is greatly appreciated, I will point to the evidence that we have had users playing the title during Private Access and Limited Access for over a year and they are still growing and coming back for more. I hope that if/when you try the game again your experience is improved, and if the title is not your cup of tea...we still thank you for giving us a try.

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                    You should do a little research before you criticize the game. Just a small time ago it went live in AUS, which adds to your queue problems. It officially started in North America and is in the process of going into a full release in the coming weeks. The team is working towards the goal of having cross-region and everyone playing together. Please for the sake of others who do enjoy the game, stay on topic of the thread and if you wish to, you can create your own thread about this issue. Your feedback is appreciated even if it is negative.


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                      Oh good, I was going to do this soon but I found out you already did, and it looks great.


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                        Much appreciated; new to the game, and this is very helpful.