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    Hey guys, just wanted to start off by saying I absolutely love this game and its new take on MOBA (kind of) genre. I struggled hardcore when first starting to play this game as I had no idea on what I was doing so I resorted to the forums, thanks to PainfulPwnage I learnt a lot of things that really helped me. Since there are more characters out now and sure to be more coming soon, I've decided to make a couple character guides to help out players also in need, these are on my YouTube channel (I'll leave a link at the bottom). I'm in no way a great player in this game but I definitely would have loved some guidance on how to play each character in regards to combos and whatnot. By no means is this the best way to play each character, these videos are just how I prefer to play these characters because they fit my playstyle. I hope you can give them a chance and watch a couple.

    Sylvin Guide

    Vincent Guide

    Diesel Guide

    Gridlock Guide

    Elena Guide

    Again absolutely loving this game, keep up the good work. My friends can't wait for a team chat/group up to be implemented so we can all play together.