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Alert : players are loosing interest in kill strain

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  • Alert : players are loosing interest in kill strain

    many kill strain's players are not interested in playing the game anymore,and i have noticed the number of the players online... when the game released at first it was about 1000 online but now it is about 600 and this is a disaster since the game was released not that far..
    why is that : it's simple equation : one map + one mode = board , so please i beg you try to do more modes and more new updates because i really like this game and i don\t want to it neglected

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    You'll find it varies depending what time of day etc, i still see from 1100 down to 650 depending on the time of day. The community is not that big anyway though, judging by the amount of posters on this forum i seem to end up in games wwith, including you!


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      I usually play at around the same time each day and it used to be 1000+ online but not lately. I've seen as low as 300, which I think makes the matches more likely to lag or disconnect.

      Slightly off topic but it has been mentioned before that you should be able to reconnect to a match when you hit play after being disconnected or quitting. I think this is something really needed. Nothing more frustrating than doing well in a game, top of the leaderboard by a large margin, no noticeable lag then poof, you're at the main menu.


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        I do hope they add more variety and types of content. Larger maps with sub-bases, bots, ads (MOBA style), and more customization. That said, it's clear that Sony isn't promoting the game despite it being first party and that's frustrating. I really enjoy Kill Strain and I hope the team knows how much I appreciate their hard work.


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          it is not just the number of the gamers online, i also have many friends who plays kill strain and got board from it because there is nothing new