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please fix these issues

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  • please fix these issues

    the is connecting and suddenly you find that your team became 3 players instead of 4 and sometimes while you play a player from your team is out, and other times the player isn't holding the joystick and the merc is standing and doesn't move all the time of the game play... so the question is.... is it fair...?!!
    don't get me wrong but at these times you will find some games that realy took action with this situation like ( paragon,and pritares:treasure hunters)
    in paragon if the player does'nt move in the map and just standing in his place the game notify you that if you didn't move and play there will be penalty
    and in pirates:treasure hunters if you decided to get out of the game before the time ends they ban your for 10 min and after doing it again 20 min and like that..

    so plzzzzzzzzzzzz.... fix these issues

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    For issues such as a team starting with 3 Mercs instead of 4 that is due to there not being any late join or back filling of teams during the matchmaking process, this is something that is being worked on for a later update. Things such as player timeouts for AFK players will also be looked at and likely implemented at a later stage as well. It is unlikely that the player will be punished in some way, but they would obviously miss out on anything that would have been earned from the match which they were kicked from.