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Analizing/Thoughts on Jyn

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  • Analizing/Thoughts on Jyn

    Alright, lets discuss Jyn.

    Jyn's overall appearance: Jyn has most of his limbs removed (besides his torso), and are replaced with robotic parts making him a cyborg.

    Jyn's aspects: Jyn's weapons are attached to his arm, and a blaster like thingy that is attached to his back.

    Jyn's ability's: Predator is the name of his main weapons (witch has a slow firing rate), Quantum Step is Jyn's evade or teleporting ability (also if you pull it off next to an enemy in your area, it deals damage), Power Blast is an ability that focuses all of Jyn's firing power into a single shot that deals high damage (note that it has very short range), Executing Shots is Jyn's ultimate ability, ironically it's like Reapers (Overwatch character) ultimate ability. Anyway, "Jyn unloads a series of shots around him dealing high damage and stuns enemies briefly on first hit". This is a toggle ability.

    My Thoughts:
    Jyn seems to be the alternative version of Sylvin only weaker, due to his abilities only making a small portion of damage (including his primary). He is in definite need of a buff.
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    I think most would say he needs to be nerfed a bit...but we'll let some time play out and look at the numbers to see what the game tells us to do along with the community feedback.


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      Yeah, I guess your right. I mean, what i'm saying really is just an opinion. I'm not stating a fact or anything.