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Another bug.

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  • Another bug.

    So, I'm gone for some weeks, come back to a new and awesome character, yet during my second game I'm greeted with a new game breaking bug. I got hit by a stun during Jyn's Executing Shots, and my right thumbstick just died, I couldn't aim anymore, only fire straight ahead. Dying didn't fix it either. Recorded it, of course, you can't see that I wiggle the thumbstick, but you can see exacly what triggered it. And during my desperate dash to the safety of our turrets I tried activating Executing Shots again, only to see the phantom cooldown is still present.

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    I encountered this yesterday during my KS gameplay. I thought my 20th Anniversary DS4 was starting to go But seems like I'm not the only one that experienced this bug. I don't remember exactly how or at what point during the match it happened but know that it did happen. Seemed to fix itself after a while. Haven't experienced it again since, just that one time.

    Jyn is quickly becoming a favorite of mine too


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      This is a Issue with Jyn they already said the next patch it is going to be fixed, all you do is when it does this is keep clicking Executing Shots again to aim again, I found a way to not do it as much before you Press Executing Shots hold the Right thumbstick to aim and don't let go of the aiming until the duration is up.


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        Same issue. Glad I'm not the only one.