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Random Matchmaking annoyance

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  • Random Matchmaking annoyance

    Im on a 10 match lose streak because for whatever reason i always get put up against my mercenaries counters. While im at it, please, PLEASE! Stop putting me with 3 of the same hero on my team, its super annoying. It also seems like i keep getting matched up against much more experienced players, which makes the match unfun. It would be nice to play with people around my experiance level instead of people who would probably play in a tournament

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    Well, firstly, there is no win or lose in this game, the only goal in the game is to be at the top of the scoreboard, however how you reach it is up to you.
    The other two are just bad luck.


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      Im getting really annoyed, they need to punish the strain for working together with the enemy team, the strain will put every single strain on our side and none on the enemies, and also camp us when we try to get mechs, but they dont do it to the enemy, 7 games out of 10 the strain has worked directly against us with the enemy team. the other 3 the strain afked or left


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        Its just so aggrovating to have 8 people against 2, yes i said that correctly, the matchmaking will also almost always leave a slot or 2 slots open on my side, and put 4 on the enemy, then the strain goes and mutates our guys. I want to have fun, not be camped so i cant even leave base


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          Sorry to hear about the matchmaking bad luck, please know that the team is working on some rather extensive updates to matchmaking that will work to solve a lot of your concerns...getting better balanced teams in terms of "Player Skill" and characters along with other features. Stick with us, and let us know how things are going and we'll work to get things updated as quick as we can.


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            K, thanks!