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( L1 + R1 ) STRUGGLE ... doesn't work

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  • ( L1 + R1 ) STRUGGLE ... doesn't work

    i keep push the buttons but nothing happens not even once since i played this game i manged to do it, i don't even know what happens when you succeed to struggle from the mutant, does the merc escape and run or just trying to slow down the mutant from getting you to the strain until some one save you ?!!

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    The Orange Turn meter drops faster when you hit L1 and R1 repeatably. Ive done it where the meter ran out right as I was about to be pulled into the strain fields..Keep trying you'll see the difference.


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      This explains why the drag distance of some players is much shorter when I am trying to turn them into mutants.


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        Just to make sure you know, but you need to mash the button or buttons to make this work, and you should see your character animate in a struggling motion and as mentioned by DVSnis the meter for the Mutant should start to deplete faster. And it won't free your Merc or get them to run, they will simply make it harder for the Mutant to drag your corpse around.

        If you are doing these things and it seems as though it is not functioning properly please fill out a Bug Report and if possible capture some footage of the issue in action.


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          I generally struggle each time I die regardless of if somebody is dragging me as I want to get a head start on it just in case. I have successfully struggled many times and see my character wiggling about trying not to be pulled into the strain. It seems to go the same speed regardless but I'm guessing its working for me as I rarely get changed in games.