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What not to do in Kill Strain!

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  • What not to do in Kill Strain!

    Me and a couple regulars always see people do weird stuff in the game. I decided that it might be a good idea to make a video on what not to do to try and cut down on these things.
    I hope this helps newer players get into the meta faster as well as learn to cut bad habits sooner.

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    Do you mind going into further detail about juggling arcs? I have a vague idea but would like to know more.


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      I was scared I was gonna watch the video and just see a list of everything I do lol, but thankfully it wasn't. I'm mostly surprised that you actually see people do some of these things. By far the dumbest thing I see most often is people destroying bases when they're not winning. Almost every game. I mean it's nice of them to hand me the win but still lol.
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        stop destroying the bottom strain at the beginning of the match


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          Originally posted by heythem_x View Post
          stop destroying the bottom strain at the beginning of the match

          Funny, I just watched the video to see I'm in it :P And I completely disregarded your advice to Team Play that match since my allies were being lemmings just charging your base. I instead kept fighting strain to reach the drop point. In the end I dropped from 3rd to 5th since the Mutants stopped coming after me
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            All very good points Arrow. Great video, bravo!


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              Thanks everyone! All your support means a lot!! And loup85, I will definitely make something of an arcc juggling video here in the future.My suggestion for practice is to go into Training #2 and just practice with 2 arccs throwing one, grabbing another, throwing that one all the way to the drop zone. But I should have a video on it next week to clear things up.