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How to use each character to its fullest potential

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  • How to use each character to its fullest potential

    If you are reading this, you probably want to know how each character works or maybe how to use some combos. Either way if your reading this, i hope i can help.
    I shall be working on this over time, and some of the more basic tips are on the basic website, the link is here. . Each character will be their own post on here, as it is more convenient for me, and also allows you to easily scroll through to find which character you are looking for. Any tips or advice to improve these guides is appreciated. Also i shall categorize people into 4 different roles, just because i find it easier to refer to them with their roles, the roles are Fighter (Decent Tanky stats Decent Damage) Tank (Can do decent damage, but focus's on defense) Assassin (Low-No tanky stats but high possible damage) and Other (People who dont really fit into these roles) Also 3 types of mobility, Dashes, Leaps, and Blinks. Dashes usually have the farthest range, but cant go over walls and you can be hit while in a dash, Leaps can go over walls, usually have a decent range, and you can be hit while in a leap, but if your going over a wall, usually the bullets will hit the wall. Blinks usually have a short range, can usually go through walls, and its near instant and cant be hit during it.
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    Primary Fire-Punish- It is an SMG with a decent range on it, and a slight spread near the end of the range. Doesn't do a lot of damage per bullet but the fire rate is quick.
    Mobility Ability- Advance- It is a leap that adds a buff that decreases damage you take for a little bit. Does o.k damage for how hard it is to land the damage on it.
    Special Ability- Bulwark- You put up a shield that negates a lot of damage coming from the front, but it slows your movement and turning, takes a decent amount of stamina per second, and the spray of bullets during the ability has a short range.
    Ultimate- Storm Shield- A decently sized shield that does damage to enemies around you per second. I need to test it more to see if the damage stops after the shield breaks, but it helps a lot in engages and disengaging.
    Combos- The most common one would be Advance and Storm Shield, as it will provide a shield and also reduce damage taken. Takes a bit of stamina and Bulwark isnt useful in an enemy crowd so its better to just use your primary fire.
    Storm Shield and Bulwark isnt bad, but theres still the issue if people circle around you while using bulwark, but storm shield helps negate some of the damage.
    He plays Best when used to engage the enemy, and he can survive with his high hp and abilities providing him tankiness.
    He is weak against
    Siphon: Her AOE abilities arent negated by Bulwark, and she is the merc for anti engaging with her slow and decent burst damage.
    Sylvin: His stealth and leap abilities will work against you if you fight him 1 on 1. As he can leap over you to attack and stealth to deal a lot of damage, while not a direct counter to him, a rook will generally have a bit more of a difficult time against Sylvin if he cant land his bullets on him
    He is strong against
    Hiro- Hiros main strength is his turret and decent damage with his blades. Rook can bulwark against the turret and take it down, and its even easier with teammates
    Whiskey- Whiskey cant really out-damage anyone, and with Rooks constant engage, only a good whiskey will be able to deal good damage to Rook and escape
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      With a max ranked Advanced Bulwark you gain enough speed to retreat or pursue safely, you can't outrun someone, but you're just fast enough to make it difficult to circumvent you. He's a great counter to Katrina and (somewhat) to Elena. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Bulwark can't damage the A.T.L.A.S.

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    I know it doesn't work on the strain... so I doubt it works on A.T.L.A.S. either.

    Great work Dreystan. Very informative!


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      Oh what i meant about Bulwark vs Atlas is that it will block alot of the damage while your teammates damage it (Until they finally figure out atlas cant fire behind itself XD)
      I think i will work on Katrina tonight. Im doing my favorites first then i shall play some of the other ones, Hacksaw will be difficult to get from multiple viewpoints because i almost never see him when i play. Whiskey might be near the end because he is weak without team co-ordination (STEP IN THE HEALING RING, AND THE SPEED ONE TOO!!!! GAAAAA)


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        Just had a bad day so i wont work on Katrina until tomorrow, sorry about that


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          Been busy getting ready for college, still working on Katrina


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            No worries, take your time, thanks for the interest and support. Love the willingness to help others out!