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Based on what, exactly?

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  • Based on what, exactly?

    So, we all know the Masteries increase different abilities with 20% here, 10% there, but can we actually get the base numbers?
    For example, for Reaper's Executioners Strike we have the Brutal Execution Mastery, which increases the effectiveness by 10% (at max rank). So my question is, 10% based of what? Some hard numbers would be appreciated.

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    Agreed. It would be handy in choosing what masteries to upgrade. +10-30% or whatever the bonus is to a shield mastery like Vincent's,Rook, Deadlift's, Hacksaw etc. doesn't really help me decide if I want to choose that mastery over another when I have no idea what the base shield gives in the first place. Same for debuff moves.


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      Agreed. Right now, cooldown reduction is the only stat where we can make calculated decisions about masteries. It would definitely be nice to see how much I would actually be getting out of each mastery.