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The list of tasks

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  • The list of tasks

    I've got mission to finish at least 8 tasks but there's nothing about what exactly I should do to complete the task.
    Is there a detailed list of the tasks?

    One more thing.
    Once the match is over it shows a statistics table. Half of that info I don't understand. Maybe I'm stupid but google doesn't know either.
    Level - how do I get experience during the battle? Sometimes I feel like I do nothing but getting experience.
    Some strange column with three letters. I can guess one of them is deaths and one of them is kills. What about third one?
    Score. At the end how is that score calculated?? Often the guy who kills less wins the match.

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    I'm not sure about tasks, but:

    You gain experience from practically every action you perform during a round, delivering ARCCs, killing enemies, capturing Objectives, destroying enemy turrets and destroying Strain Pods for example.
    K/D/A - Kills/Deaths/Assists
    You can gain score in a multiple of ways, kills are only one. Atm delivering ARCCs are the most rewarding, but that can sometimes be hard.


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      Are you playing in a non-English language by any chance? Because they're called "objectives" in the game rather than tasks, and all it means is to carry an ARCC to the drop zone, so do that 8 times in one game to complete the mission.

      There are two different levels. The one in-game that builds from doing just about anything. You get stronger as it builds up, and teams with less players accrue levels faster to even it up a bit. And there's your account level which unlocks mastery and augment slots at various milestones.

      Secrecy covered the rest


      • activebridge
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        You are correct. I'm in Ukraine and seems like the game automatically detects the country and I didn't find the way to change the language.
        So "objectives". I may be wrong but I feel like I got some of the objectives completed by destroying the turret or something. So its not only about carrying ARCSS Can it be?

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      correct, it is not just delivering arcs but that is the most carried out objective. You can destroy turrets, strain pods, miners and other things as well as objectives.


      • activebridge
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        what about objectives for mutants?

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      There are plenty of objectives for mutants as well. Turning people, destroying turrets, destroying miners, destroying the arcs. Not sure if they have a list of all of the objectives that you can complete, if not it would be a good idea.