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  • I want your opinion

    Is destroying a base as quick as you can a victory?

    Explain to me how you see this.

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    Only if you're at the top of the leader board when it's destroyed. If you're not, then you just handed someone else the win by destroying it. This game is about personal glory, finishing in the top spot.

    I think there are a couple of problems at the moment though:

    1) Lots of people just don't understand that destroying a base is an end condition, not a win condition.

    2) The reward for finishing in first place and finishing in last place is not that different, so finishing 4 games in 5 minutes will earn you a lot more silver and xp than winning 1 game every 20 minutes. Ending a match quickly regardless of your placement is too rewarding. It'll get even worse with the party system because people will create base rush farming parties.

    Solution: Bigger rewards for winning so base rushing isn't as viable. More fanfare for winners to really emphasize who won and who lost.


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      Well, generally you would want to go for a "victory" if you're at the top, however I enjoy playing so I rather have the game go on to the timer ends.


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        I generally only start base targeting as payback. Destroy my tower, I might end up destroying anywhere between 1-3. Generally I just open the top path for Mutants to have easy harassment acess.


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          Originally posted by PainfulPwnage View Post
          Is destroying a base as quick as you can a victory?

          Explain to me how you see this.
          From a technical standpoint, if you're up on the leaderboard then yes. Most players don't understand that Base Destroying does not equal victory though and will often push to blow up a base when given the opportunity despite where they are on the leaderboard. This will likely continue to be an issue with the current mode of the game.


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            I usually work with my team to control the drop point and defend my base from attackers, although there are plenty of times where I may go destroy the opponents miner just to tick them off... just how I get my jollies

            On the topic at hand. I guess you would have to consider any victory a win in the game, regardless of how fast it is. I personally only consider it a win when I am in 1st place though as I strive to be the best and hopefully kill everybody else. Unless your Darth or Dante... then I just bide my time and hope I don't die too much


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              Never had any problems with Darth. He just knows how to Juggle


              • ztstyle
                ztstyle commented
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                This is a common mistake in reasoning I have seen as of late, be thankful Darth is just barely getting the hang of Katrina. He was the most brutal Rook when going strong with him.

              • SpikeUesugi
                SpikeUesugi commented
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                I only see him as Katrina :P