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Mutant turning victory

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  • Mutant turning victory

    Has anyone managed to be part of a match where the mutants won by turning everyone? The closest I've gotten were two matches where only a single player remained unturned before some turned mutants ruined it by destroying the other base.

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    Only the guy at the top of the leader board actually wins, but yea i've been playing for a few months now and i've only seen it happen about twice. People are so eager to destroy bases all the time, even when they aren't winning.


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      I've been in a few matches where I was the last surviving merc or where we turned all but 1 person, but never seen or been involved in a match where everybody was turned.


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        I can't stress it enough, if you start Mutant or get turned push for the all turn! It is truly the most fulfilling end condition in the game and as you have seen very challenging once playing in a group of experienced players. Strain is Power!


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          I hope to be involved in a full turn some day. I've come very close but once there's 5 or more mutants it just becomes too easy to push a base. That, coupled with the fact that most people still seem to think destroying a base equals victory, makes it unlikely.


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            it happen to me once, i was a mutant and we turned all the mercs to mutants and we won the match