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This could make the game better!

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  • This could make the game better!

    When one of the bases is down the fight should keep goin between the two teams remaining... until there is only one team. The players being part of the loosing team could either be turned/cured (you must drag them to a certain spot in order to do that). Something like this will make the game better and get ppl to actually play as a team. What do you guys think?

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    Wouldn't mind seeing a mode of something like this implemented, but I do like the quick games rather than drawn out ones.


    • #3
      And what happens to the team whose base is destroyed? They just have to sit and watch? That doesn't sound fun to me lol


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        Maybe I didnt explained that well, my english is not so good :/.. the team whose base is destroyed will be layin in the floor, and the other two teams will be fighthing to drag them to their base ( or some specific point) to cure/Turn/hire em, then they will join that team and fight to destroy the last enemy base


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          Oh sorry, your English is fine, I just didn't read it properly. That actually sounds like it could be a fun idea.


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            While I generally like the idea, say for instance the top scoring player is downed, the opposing players can easily just leave him, making him unable to score anymore.


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              Youre right, with the current goal bein the top scoring player that will happen, but as someone said this could be a mode, more focused on whos the last standin team... so right after the first base is down, both team will focus on curing/turning peeps and then raid the enemy base