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Stealth Gridlock. Exploit? Just lag?

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  • Stealth Gridlock. Exploit? Just lag?

    Edit: False alarm. It's apparently just an augment. Egg on my face. Or strain on my face I guess.

    Original post:

    I believe he was somehow extending the stealth naturally gained from being in the strain long after he'd left it. At first I just put it down to lag, but after watching it back i'm not sure. There was no other lag during the game and this is the first time i've seen this happen in 2 months of playing.
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    There's an augment called "Now you see me..." that lets Mutants go invisible for a short while when using "Spread Strain", that's must likely what you're seeing here.


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      Ohh I see. Thanks for the info. I haven't delved too deeply into augments beyond what I needed for the trophy, but if they can be that powerful i'll have to start buying some lol. It completely changes how you play the character.


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        I run that augment on my Gridlock. One of the best mutant augments in my opinion.