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  • Disconnecting

    Hi! I hope you can help me.
    I downloaded this game recently and I am getting mad because of it. Here is the issue:
    I can't finish any match because I get disconnected, but not randomly, no! I get disconnected exactly between 13-15 mins till the end of the match. EVERY.TIME. I tried to play a match seven times and I got disconnected seven times in this exact period of time(13-15 mins). My internet connection is fine, I play online a lot and I have never had such problems. Today, after failing to finish a Kill Strain match, I played two FIFA 16 matches with no probem.
    The game itself looks great and I would really love to play it, but I can't. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

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    If you're connected wireless you will run into problems. Since this game uses players connections to host the game.


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      Yes, you're right, I guess I will have to buy another ethernet cable. However, it really puzzles me why the game doesn't crash sooner or later, but always around 14 minutes.


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        I tried to play with broadband connection, still didn't work, got disconnected at 14 mins again. I also found this video on youtube. It seems that guy has the same problem, so it is not just me:


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          Where are you located?


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            Poland (Eastern Europe)


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              Depending on the times you are playing it could be due to playing with people from other areas that are bogged down. Have you checked your connection on the playstation? If it is not at least 60-80 mbps you will have problems with the game, and if you are playing with people who have a bad connection than it will be even worse for you as all of the people running the games are connected to eachother and are hosting the games.