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Should minerva get a damage nerf to balencer her with the other mercs?

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  • #16
    I used Rook yesterday (which I have been a lot recently ) and met with a team with 3 Minerva in it, still though one on one it is still possible to get them down...
    But, I don't think any other character have heal per hit? Or do they?


    • VocalAE
      VocalAE commented
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      Minerva is the only character with a heal per hit mechanic. At most, Minerva can generate 33% of the damage her basic attack deals back as health. If you want to get the most out of the heal per hit you need to use two mastery slots on it, one for increased basic attack damage and another for increased heal percentage. Similarly it is much like how Siphon is the only character that can generate stamina per hit without a mastery.

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    Yeah, she's pretty overpowered at the moment.


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      ( LoL Boromir) The problem is she's too much of a jack of all trades, her life steal makes her a tank, her pull/area damage combo makes her dps and her pull is a powerful utility. You could balance any of these 3 aspects and she would be ok. The worst is her pull(taunt), it casts instantly, interrupts/ cancels any opponent abilities, prevents use of abilities while your being pulled, adds a slow effect with swift rush, affects an unlimited amount of opponents( I watched as 1 pulled my entire group of mercs ).Also her pull near turrets makes her the best defender by far. In 1v1 scenario's she seems balanced, but its in team fights at the dropzone and defending turrets/miners where she becomes OP. Elena pull is fine because she actually has weaknesses.

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      • Midasxe
        Midasxe commented
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        You've summed up my thoughts on Minerva perfectly. She can turn a team fight in her team's favor very quickly with her taunt. If there's a Minerva defending a turret, there's no choice but to try to poke her out and force her to leave but her life steal makes that difficult.

        Also, nice avatar! I'm gonna go listen to them now. haha

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      Wonder if devs are aware of how OP she is. This game is turning into Kill Minerva... you find 3-4 minerva on every game I swear


      • Undertow12
        Undertow12 commented
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        yup, 3 games in a row vs 3 Minerva's, death by circle jerk. The worst thing is that its been so long since launch everyone and their mom knows she's overpowered so the monsters ignore teams with her and focus on the other merc team which gets double teamed the whole match.

      • slejfer
        slejfer commented
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        Undertow, yea I noticed this too, got totally obliterated by both Mutants and the other team yesterday. First we got attacked by the mutants and in the other team there were 3 Minervas obliterating everything...

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      Absolutly YES!

      Minerva is too much overpowered, hight DPS, hight Defense, HP RegEn..

      I use Minerva pretty often now, cause if you find another Minerva 1vs1 you CANNOT Win.

      I easly win also vs Mutants, that i think in this game is not correct, mutants must be stronger than other Merc.


      • #21
        Ok I changed my mind I say YES too.
        I think everyone with Minerva is fully upgraded now and yea even with Rook 1vs1 I can't get them down anymore. Yesterday I played 3vs3 mercs and there were 2 Minerva in the other team and I gave up and attacked the Strain instead, you can't win a single battle... I think Charlie should be even more powerful too along with the mutants. However Mutants nowadays wins 2 out of 3 games played because of all the strain, they can move too freely so if attacked a lot by Mutants you gotta focus on the strain....


        • #22
          MINERVA IS COMPLETELY F^#&ING OP AND RUINING THIS GAME!!! And I am godamn fed up with it! Her bait lasts WAY too long and pulls you all the way through her extremely over powered ult which pretty much instantly takes down anyones health by 75% Mutants included!!! then 3 of spears do the rest
          She take no skill!!! Think of Elena, similar play style, snare them, then trap and damage with force field, BUT!!! Elenas snare does NOT guarantee they'll end up in you're force field, and!! The field doesn't do anywhere NEAR the damage, nor does Elena, NOR does she have as much health!!!

          On the topic of mutants, MINERVA CAN F*#KING SOLO THEM!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!?!?!? Playing as a mutant with minerva in game you are not a hunter, you are a scavenger and it is F&%KING BS!!

          NERF HER. NERF EVERYTHING ABOUT HER AND RENAME HER MINERFA. Nerf her damage, the snare length AND her health. Better yet, DELETE HER. AND why you're at it, buff charlie, she should have the ability to kill strain pods without taking damage, throwing arccs or waiting for a cooldown.


          • slejfer
            slejfer commented
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            lol awesome I like your style. I felt like this yesterday being slained by 2 Minerva using their pull.
            Maybe each game should be constrained to one of each merc per team?

        • #23
          I played Yesterday with Minerva, at the end of the game is was 32 Kill, 2 deaths, 10 Assist..

          I can solo easly everyone, even mutants.. the only one that can have a try is Deadlift..

          I agree for the moment Minerva should be deleted from the Game..