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New Mutant Idea: Farmer

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  • New Mutant Idea: Farmer

    Note: I don't really care about the name, its just all i could think about at that moment.

    Overview: The farmer is a mutant who is not very powerful at combat alone, but excels at expanding the strain and creating strain pods that have special abilities.

    Stats: The farmer has low damage, medium health and medium high speed.

    Abilities: The farmers basic attack is a fast claw dealing low damage. (similar to reapers attack)

    Strainmite pod - The strain strainmite pod is a strain pod the farmer can place down, once activated every 15 seconds a fairly weak small strain like, 6 legged bug pops out of the pod and hunts down mercs. The strainmite pod has very low health and the farmer can only place 2 on the map at a time. Cool down = 60 seconds.

    Spitter pod: The spitter pod is a strain pod that spits a small acid ball every 2 seconds, when the acid ball hits a merc it deal about twice the about of damage a normal strain pod would deal. (note: all pods the farmer makes would level up with the strain just like normal strain pods.) if a mere dies in range of the spitter pod and turning is available for the farmer, the spitter pod lashes out its tongue at the merc, wrapping around the mercs leg and slowly pulling him/her in until turned. (note: players can resist this by spamming r1 and l1 and takes half the effort to the equivalent to a mutant pulling a merc.) the spitter has a medium low amount of health. The farmer can place 3 of these on a map at a time. Cool down = 40 seconds. (note: the spitter pod can only attack from the front.)

    Ultimate pod: The ultimate pod is the farmers ultimate ability, this pod has a little bit more health than semi alpha pods (Note: I'm not sure what the name is but a semi alpha pod the those strain pods that show up around the map when the game timer reaches 2:00 minutes.). The farmer can have up to 5 the ultimate pods on the map at a time, Cool down = 30 seconds.

    I hope you guys like this idea and i hope he gets added to the game... anyway tell me what you though about it. And uh thanks for reading.

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    I like this idea a lot. At first, I was a bit skeptical, as this could lead to an overpowered Mutant, but the idea of a Mutant with a more objective feel to it isn't bad at all. I'd replace the splitter pod for a Movement option, though. Maybe a leap that spawns a pod when you land. But overall, good concept.


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      Yeah i thought about the movement ability... i would rather have all kinds of strain pods and stuff, but you can only fit so much in one character. i had a back up for a movement ability. i think this would be alright..

      Recall: Once activated the Farmer digs his way back to the nearest strain pod.

      Its basically a teleportation ability that will teleport him to the nearest strain pod. I thought this would be kinda cool because the farmer is all about hanging out in the strain. Although its weakness is either the ability will have a long cool down and be instant or it would be a charge up. Also i would rather replace the ultimate pod instead of the spitter pod, because its kinda cool. lol and i wanna see some kind of new turret type ability.
      Last edited by clanker75; 09-22-2016, 04:09 PM. Reason: i forgot something lol.


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        That teleport idea is very well thought out. And I completely agree with you. A turret type Mutant would be a great addition. We need more Engineer class Mercs/Mutant, seeing how there's only one. I liked the idea of a Spitter pod, don't get me wrong, but to keep the games base style, I feel like a movement option is needed. All in all, this idea is definitely one I would like to see the Devs try to replicate into the game. Not everyone wants to play in an aggressively offensive fashion. Some people like the defensive passive side of things.