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Matchmaking Change.

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  • Matchmaking Change.

    I think matchmaking should work like this:

    1. 10 players get matched based on connection quality.
    2. Players are placed into their teams. Gold, blue, or mutant.
    3. Players get 60 seconds to choose their Merc and/or Mutant.

    Only one of each Merc should be allowed per team so whoever picks a certain Merc first gets it. Players press X to select the Merc then X again to lock it in. Players can press O to cancel and change their Merc at any time as long as they haven't locked in . This way players can build a team that works well together. If voice chat is added to the game, players can discuss with their team what Mercs to select. Merc teams then select their Mutant in the event they get turned. The Mutant team simply picks their Mutant.

    Players do not see the opposing teams' selections until all players are locked in.

    The only issue I see is if newer players don't have enough Mercs unlocked and all their available Mercs get locked in by other players. To prevent this, there should be a set of 4 starter Mercs that all players have automatically available. (Vincent, Sylvin, Diesel, and Siphon come to mind.)

    This isn't exactly a groundbreaking idea. A certain MOBA that made its way to PS4 some months ago uses this exact matchmaking system. Only difference here is that there are 3 teams and the 8 Mercs have to also pick a Mutant. The system works very well though and I think this game would benefit from adopting it. Let me know what you all think.

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    There are pros and cons to this. I like the idea about a more well played team toghether but the con is that you have to choose a leftover character, it was this way in the other Moba game you mentioned so it ended with me only playing a low end character all the time...
    If they add team play to Killstrain this might be a bigger problem. Imagine a whole team that uses Minerva every round...


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      I've been in quite a few games where it was 3 Minerva or 3 Vincent and those games were very interesting to say the least.

      The problem with your idea is that first, you are going to leave players with less than great connections or players with awesome connections out in the cold. As there are more people with mid range connections how will you manage to get players with the same quality into games when there are only a few hundred on at a time at most.

      Second problem I see is as slejfer said, there will be many matches where people are left with less than desirable characters. How is that fair for those players?


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        What I meant by "players get matched based on connection quality" is that the matchmaking does its best to get everyone into a match that they will enjoy (i.e. no lag). Basically what the current matchmaking system tries to do. So I wasn't suggesting a change in that at all.

        I don't understand what you guys mean by this second point. All the Mercs in the game are great. Yes, you won't always get the Merc you wanted but there are plenty of good options. Surely there are more than 3 good characters and this will be less of an issue as they add more Mercs to the game. Plus, if you really want someone then go select them as soon as you enter the lobby. If they added voice chat, you could even ask for a certain character if someone else has it selected. Overall, I think this system would be better than having teams with 3 or 4 of the same character.


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          Whatever the matchmaking system is going to look like in the near future (hopefully), I hope its better than the one we have now. I like OP's idea, just set us in a team and pick our Mercs/Mutants before we get into the game.


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            Looks like your suggestion about limiting the amount of picks a team had of any one mercenary worked out in the most recent patch, kinda. With the new party system, according to what I read, when you play in a team, the members of your party can't choose the same mercenary, so I guess everyone has to be a different character, probably to balance out the fact that your team has comms now.
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              You can have 2 of one character on a team from what I saw, so it sorta helps with what your problem was.


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                Originally posted by DeathTrap23 View Post
                You can have 2 of one character on a team from what I saw, so it sorta helps with what your problem was.

                Good, at least not 3 Minervas at the same time lol.


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                  Originally posted by slejfer View Post

                  Good, at least not 3 Minervas at the same time lol.

                  had a game against fun was had for me. Lot's of... Run Away!


                  • slejfer
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                    lol yea I know the feeling.