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Heal turrets...

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  • Heal turrets...

    I think it is important now more than ever when a lot of teams are playing to be able to heal turrets, perhaps even the base for that matter. If one team have mecs they can clear a single lane and then put down the base in almost one sitting. Happened yesterday when I played, I think I met with a team that time.
    Imo it would be more interesting games if you could heal both the turret and the base but then again it would be necessary to up the game time to 30 minutes...

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    Would the game time have to be increased? Teams would have to chose between healing the base/turret or going on the attack.


    • slejfer
      slejfer commented
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      Yea that's true.

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    Defending turrets against mech's is easier than most people think, start by spaming group up/defend lane voice commands when you notice an enemy approaching your turret, avoid the mech dash and bodyblock for your turret (if your tanky) so the mech hits you rather than the turret. 1 merc alone can prevent a turret from going down from 1 mech, then you just gotta keep an eye on it for a few minutes until it heals up ( it heals itself automatically, albeit slowly). I feel your pain when 4 mech's show up at your doorstep it's near impossible to defend against. Some things I think could fix this is limiting the amount of mechs available to 2 at a time or buff turret health by 1.5-2X or install a separate set of turrets that attack only monsters and make the original ones attack only mercs. that way one team cant take advantage of the others work which happens all too often.


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      Yes to clarify I meant to be able to heal Turrets that are dead.


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        I agree that something must be done to make the mercenaries base a lil bit harder to take down, similar to what devs did by adding those extra alfa pods around the delivery point. Games are over in a few minutes even more now with the party mode implemented.