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more standard pvp playlist

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  • more standard pvp playlist

    i like this game and is unique pvp, but a lot of people disconnect because don't understand the basic objective of the game. dont get me wrong this happen to me at first, but i gave a chance to understand. i would love this game to stick around because it could become and underground pvp game that console players can enjoy without a toxic community. As the title described above a more standard pvp like additional playlist like a ctf or tdm with the strain twist would be awesome and a more understanding of the objective. because right now the main pvp is fun for me at least, but a lot of new players that try it don't understand and stop playing. for example ctf you could have a 4v4v2, two mercernary teams capturing the flag and the strain sabotaging both teams, this gives the team with the flag to defend the player and fight off or the strain and also the other team. For tdm would be or standard 5v5( merc vs strain) with obviously the strain is op with the ability of health regen so it would have to be limited as well the health station in the merc side to be more fair gameplay. I think this would make the game more accesible for casual gamers. also i think you need to give more promotion to the game because a lot of people in the ps4 community don't even know a bout the game.

    P.S. keep it up i think is fun pvp game hopefully does not get shutdown.

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    We''ve been asking for a lot of things lately but as the devs team only exists of a few people now the chances for big changes are pretty much lost. It would be awesome to see some kind of possibility to fight 4vs4 with 2 mutants on the side in party mode, I thought that would be the possiblity with party play but you can only be 4 persons in party play mode....
    5vs5 would be even more awesome, maybe Mutants could be AI?


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      I agree, more play modes in general would be a great addition to the game. I haven't seen the 2 devs I know online for at least a month until last night when one popped on and then back off. I am not sure if this is a good sign or bad as he did not speak to me... but I didn't speak to him either. I will try and get in touch with them again and hopefully get some clearer answers as to what's going on with the game and hopefully be able to let you all know soon.


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        hopefully does not die, but i think this game is going to get canned. i having network errors after every two games i play and i have to close the game and get back on. at least im getting quick matches so they should not loose faith in the game.