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My review of the game so far...

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  • My review of the game so far...

    So, a third person game of domination that requires taking down one of three based while trying to earn mech suits or land to gain the upper hand. With a start of 5v1v5 being a human of blue, yellow, or the one mutant; whos life goal is to trash the opponents base while looking cool or infecting and offering live ones to your mother strain. All that you know is that everyone one who stands in your way is a skilled merch who is trained to do something cool and devastating at the right moment and they wont back down. On the other hand, you fear the one lonely mutant who longs for company and the possibility of turning and attacking your friends is all too real. What drives the humans to collect the arcc energy and deliver it to the reactor is unknown, but getting in and out is all that matters. What drives the mutants to spread the strain is simple... MORE!

    This is my way of driving a kind of story sence into what I feel is a fun but strong concept. I am having fun playing the game and love how the numbers grow as people jump on to play the preview build. So far I love the Mutants. All does not matter to the strain, only feeding matters. but the diverse amount of skilled characters is equally exciting. I play Vincent out of the three I could use after the try outs. I haven't unlocked anyone else but I'm working on it. From the shotgun medic Whiskey, to the turret summoning Hiro, there are characters to match plenty of play styles. I know there are going to be more characters released as the game progresses and I look forward to seeing them in action. Elena is my next character. If it were not for here trap ability I would have gone with whiskey.

    As for the mutants, I am Dridlock the basic starter. Don't let that fool you, he is strong and brutal when caught alone. Just like the Humans who have the ability to summon mechs from the heavens above, the mutants can drag defeated victims into the strain and transform them to join the masses. Only three Mutants are available for now and mine is the medium tank. Deadlift is the real heavy tank. With armor and a rush ability he can easily be the alpha in a pack. There is also the menacing Reaper. He is quick and wants the battle to end shortly after you turn towards him to defend yourself. Marking you, going stealth and then executing you is what to expect from this Mutant.

    Lets go over the domination game I mentioned earlier. As a human your goal is to get to your ARCC energy harvester online and deliver containers to the reactor. The more people on it, the faster it activates. Then you must find a way either through the strain infected land or around to take control of the reactor. This allows you to turn in your energy to earn points. Lose that reactor to the enemy team forces you to rely on earning points through killing, destroying strain pods or taking back the reactor. Once you earn enough points you can level up your skills and earn a mech summoning along the way. The mech is simple and the same for everyone (I think). It has a Gatling gun for base damage along with a volley of rockets, a charge, and a shield. It lasts for a short duration and then goes away. This gives you the strength to move into either the strains land and take out what I call the Mother Strain or push into the enemies bases to take down the defense turrets and there base. Dying has you return to base with a small waiting time.

    So now lets turn it around and follow the strain. You are a Mutant, who's soul purpose is to corrupt the land, Devore the living, and strengthen your Mother Strain. You start out as one and have the ability to place pods down that infect a small radius around it. If enemies enter it they take dps (damage per second). If your in it or any land occupied by the strain, you go stealth and gain hp back. This works out for you since the humans have designated healing pads or a character that can do if for you. The more you lay and the opponents you slay will give you experience to level up the strain. Eventually you will earn the Drag corpse ability. This allows you to take a downed player to a strain infested spot to turn them, strengthening your side and weakening theirs. If you prevent them from scoring points, kill steal, and add to your side, you gain the upper hand in the game for land and dominance. The Strain has two winning mechanics. Once the strain levels up enough you will see a difference in the basic pods and the mature pods. If you take enough land with the basic pods, mature pods (which are the stronger ones located in the heart of the Mother strain area) will start to appear away from the base. When you own enough land you will enter an end game phase. This starts a 2:00 minute count down for one of the three based to be destroyed or the Strain wins. So hold your ground for two minutes or press forward and take a base out. . One would say that the whole game is a play on dominance and gaining territory by any means necessary for either the humans or mutants.

    One thing that makes this game even more player unique is the loadout system. You can Purchase what are called masteries. Traits if you will that allow you to have a bonus towards your character that buff your skills. This goes for both humans and Mutants. You can have three of them but must rank up to unlock the 2nd and 3rd (I think). Then there are Augments. These are tools that modify your character to give bonuses based on Prerequisites. Like one gives you a reflect damage 5% when you summon a mech. Others give you a bonus based on an action being done or something being completed to activate it. This opens up room for more strategy and if there was a party system, would allow strong organized competition.

    The balancing in the game seems fine. The Strain has to be in it's land to heal while humans have specific pad to heal at. All skills have a cool down after use and take up stamina so they can't be spammed. The mechs are strong but not unbeatable if you deal enough damage to them. There are three turrets you have to get through to get to the base. The matches have a 20 minute time limit which leaves room to work on any possible strategy for winning. The skills themselves seem spread out and useful. The Health, speed, and damage ratio works to emphasize strategy and play style. As a free to play you do have to earn currency to unlock characters for now. The matchmaking is good when you get a solid que going. The size of the map we have now is good to start with. There are probably some tweaks needing to be made but I don't see them.

    With that said, I do have some things to add/input. I am looking forward to the maps but hope to see more then just left and right based maps. I would like to see it turned so players are advancing from a diagonal or up and down direction. Plus I would love to see what kind of variety you guys will bring to the location of said maps. I would love to see a status effect mutant who lays traps and does like a poison ability. A choice in human would be a Female who Has an Electric generator on her. This allows her to stream energy out to do damage. She could also do a chain lightning ability, Electric spikes, even her own buff where anyone who is near her gets slight electric damage. The music is awesome and hope to hear more as well as lines for the characters. Unfortunately the lines trigger weird. If you leave and enter a healing spot it repeats the lines but only when they are finished. This came up when the strain took a hold of the map and we were force to stay on the healing pad to stay alive. We were knocked out if it frequently and had to always get back in it.

    Thanks for giving us the ability to play this game early and hope to face with/against you on April 7th

    Yours Truly

    Patient Eight (haha cause of patient zero)
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