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Suggestions from a rising leaderboard star! ;)

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  • Suggestions from a rising leaderboard star! ;)

    Hey guys, Arrow here, I've been playing for a month and a half coming up here and I have a few suggestions for the game that might make it THAT much cooler to play. I love the map, it looks great and I've have had a ton fun figuring out what gaps/items I can jump/warp over.

    1. Now given the map's snowy complexion it would be super crazy if after a certain amount of time, like after 8mins or something a small blizzard or maybe a strain shower happened! Now it doesn't have to hinder anyone but it would be interesting if some mercs/mutants got small bonus passives in the blizz or maybe a merc/mutant comes out that's super risky to play because they're only strong when the blizzard happens and when it goes away they lose power but get speed or something. Just some food for thought here, it would be a cool visual effect if you guys can make it happen, and it could add interesting phases/abilities to the game. Even a day/night cycle may be interesting?

    2. So I don't know what's planned merc wise but my friend's a huge support main that likes Whiskey, but as of right now, Whiskey is the only support support besides MAYBE Elena. I was thinking the other day it would be really cool to have a Buffer Support, like a hacker or something with nanobots that single target an ally or enemy, and it buffs the attack/defense on allies, but on enemies it does the opposite. maybe he's squishy and has to use his own blood to make the nanobots and hurt himself, so he's gotta get out of the fight but if the person his nanobots are on gets a kill(ally) or gets killed(enemy) he still gets like 400 points or something to keep him on the leaderboards. Maybe he can blow up the nanobots to inflict a stun so he can get away. Idk I'm just throwing stuff out there.

    Anyway I know my suggestions are probably a little much, and I don't know if they are even doable what with time constraints and what not but who knows. Thanks for reading!! I can't wait for this game's future and please keep up the freaking ass good work. You guys are killin' it.
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    Hey Arrow I remember playing against you a few matches, your mutant game is too fierce lol.

    I like the idea of the blizzard. I think it would add to atmosphere which this game does a great job of. Its like you actually feel like you are a MERC in this hostile environment and you really do have to work together, so adding weather effects would be cool.


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      I'm sure there will be modifications on the maps, specially on different holidays, wich is usual in other games of this kind. And i would love to see weather modification or something like that every X amount of time. On the second point, the game just released, lots of more characters will arrive soon, but i wouldn't wait for specific roles on each character, Whiskey is the only supportish character around for now, as it is Rook on the tank department, but both of them can be builded towards other roles actually. So a pure support or other roles, meh, i don't see that coming.
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