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Maybe level out the playing field

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  • Maybe level out the playing field

    Hi, name's Zach, and I got this invite today on my PS4 to try the closed Beta of Kill Strain. Being new to betas like this I decided to give it a shot. On first impressions I think the game is a great concept and a fun game to play with friends. But that is where I start to have issues. I understand that this is a Beta and that when the final release happens that the option to group up with friends will probably happen, but if not, I think many of us can agree that having the ability to play with friends would make things far more interesting, for that opens up the opportunity for voice chat and better strategy. As for another issue I've had, I am currently a Level 10, and I have yet to play one round where any team other than the Strain has won. Which leads me to believe that they might be just a little tad bit O.P. I'm not certain just yet how to balance that, but I just want to place the issue out there. Besides that, I think the game is a fun game, and I look forward to playing it more.

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    Did the matches time out or did the mutants get full turns?


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      Usually the reason the strain wins is because your team gets too cocky. Try using the direction buttons to co-ordinate throuth quick chat. Having a strong tank, like vincet, paired with whiskey is good. Then try to have a fast character (whiskey canalso work, because of his speed and regen buffs) distract the mutants. You should eventually reach the mutant base. (tip: run away when at low health to avoid being turned)


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        P.S. The MEC suit is a liability in these situations, as the mutant base's airstrike is faster than you. Only use it to bail.